Excessively Random Number Generator

Let this thread die.

WWAAAAHHH?!?!?! no download link :frowning:

questions: is this clientside?
do you crash on loads of numbers?
can you force crash a minge with this? if yes, nice work!
can we download this?
can we peak at source code?

anyways, nice thing yah made there

  1. Yes, it’s Clientside.
  2. No, Garry implemented infinite loop protection.
  3. No, it’s Clientside.
  4. Yes, the source code is in the topic.
  5. Yes, the source code is in the topic.

Why does this thread have a black background :tinfoil:

Ontopic: Are you sure this is actually random for real?

Because all those divisions and multiplications and stuff will result in skewed frequency.

Roll two dice, add the values, repeat about 100 times and note all the results.
You’ll get loads of 7s and 8s and 6s.
Are you sure you won’t get the same here?

Notice the

        local _k = gui.MouseX()  
        local _x = gui.MouseY() 

Hmm… actually, I might have to add some more randomness to this. (Maybe last couple pressed keys or keyboard latency)

What uses does this have?

Spurting out massive blocks of random numbers for fun.
I might make a seperate version that doesn’t allow negatives so it can actually be used for encryption. But I wouldn’t use it until I make it more random. I’m gonna go to bed, so don’t expect this to go anywhere right now.

Do you understand what random is?

Random is not multiplying a bunch of variables together.

Computers can not generate truly random numbers anyway.

Your generator seems like it’s generating more 0s and 1s than any other number. Plus, all you did was apply every fucking function you could on numbers generated by math.random, and make it depend on the user’s screen resolution and the position of the mouse, which is just plain pointless and stupid. Even if it was more random than math.random, it wouldn’t be worth using because it would consume way too much CPU.
Not worth releasing.

Now try making a pseudo random number generator without the use of math.rand.

There is no pointing in making a pseudo random number generator either, no point in reinventing the wheel.

I know, but it’s just a better challenge than just taking math.random and (miserably failing at) making it more random than it already is. At least you get to know how random number generators work.

If you want to make something useful (not knocking your current work) try doing something new. I suggest maybe this:


You can override the infinite loop protection rather easily.

I haven’t managed to do it since debug.gethook and debug.sethook were overridden by garry.

debug.sethook() works fine for me?

	local _k = gui.MouseX()
	local _x = gui.MouseY()
	local _w = ScrW()
	local _h = ScrH()

Without the outside world, no they can’t. This uses the outside world, notice the:
local _k = gui.MouseX()
local _x = gui.MouseY()

For doing something impossible, you sure do it well^^.

/me facepalms with the power of ten thousand suns.

That isn’t random.