Excl JailBreak material modification


I’m wondering how to edit the materials successfully for Excl’s version of JailBreak. For example, instead of the default grey theme could this be changed to be blue or a similar bright colour? I’m really not sure about this but any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

You would have to change the panel skins, just like you would a normal DPanel.

I’m not sure that this would work, I’m implying that like to edit the actual materials for the HUD like: http://imgur.com/H0ZV75k as these are custom unlike the default Excl provided materials.

Do I just edit them in PhotoShop by replacing the colors and rename the material paths in the HUD ext or is something else required?

Yeah, that’ll work, although users that already have them downloaded won’t see the changes. You may have to change the path/names, as well.