Excl's nazi zombies

I have sounds, specifically most of the weapons sounds the 4 original powerup sounds (instakill, double points, nuke, and max ammo), round start/end, hellhound round start/end, fetch me thier soulds, and a bunch of others.

Ill look into it
Add me on steam if you want to help out.


Some minor map updates.

Test server.
(PM me if you want the content pack before you join.)

just tried the gm, it is awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: very much like BO, but still much stuff needs to be done, keep up the good work! :]

I will get on as soon as I can, I’m playing a little wurmonline with a friend right now

I’ve passworded it for a while now. Should be back unpassworded tomorrow.
PM me for the content pack.

I played it and liked it very much, the weapons are good, the animations for sprinting, reloading and whatnot, and the grenade system works well. (Unless you get killed by your friend with one ;D)

Also, you didn’t mention this as a feature, but it’s very well optimized. I don’t have the best PC, and even with that, it runs very well on the best settings possible, while on other things it lags once in a while, but with 20 or so enemies on screen still no lag. So good job with that, even though for most people that isn’t a problem.

The map looks great, and I’m looking forward to future updates :smiley: Keep up the good work Excl :smiley:

I thank my host for that.

Is anyone else having problems with steam? It isn’t launching any of my games, I’ve restarted it to no avail… I might restart my laptop and try again.

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Windows restart seems to have fixed the problem :v: the gamemode is coming along really nicely and everything looks and works great, the only issue I have is that I’m missing some asset, it is the muzzle flash effect, I get a black and purple texture square whenever I fire a gun. Are there any specific games or mods I need mounted? Like ZP:S?

I mean graphical lag, but the server is very nice too.

You do not need ZP:S mounted, but I think I forgot to add the texture to the content pack.
You only need CSS mounted.

I Went and play it Its really Funny specially when your getting your ass kicked by 6 nazi fast zombies and no one is helping you

Team work is an key to survive

a key*, like I told you ingame. :v:

Good gamemode, nice hud and gui, good fun

When do you release this gamemode?

AWESOME !! :smiley:

I don’t have any time to code the next 2-3 weeks. After that there will be an open beta server, so in about 3 weeks - 1 month there will be a open beta.
I will release it on facepunch after that evereything is tested properly.

What’s left:
Map the last room, Fix up nodes, Fix up spawns, Optimise map on some tricky places.
Gamemode itself is pretty much done, just need to script some more traps you can use after you turned on the power, and a revive system. Shouldn’t take that long.

Oh look Excl, more competition.

Although you have much more progress than they do.

Thats a SOURCE mod and this is a gmod gamemode

No shit. I knew that, but it’s still basically the same concept. Nazi Zombies on source is Nazi Zombies on source, whether on Gmod or not.