ExclServer2, Jail Break, ExclRP, Deathrun, Bunnyhop, MapVote and MapMirror release

I am releasing the following projects to the public: ExclServer2, JailBreak7, ExclRP, Deathrun, Bunnyhop, *MapVote *and MapMirror.
Due to my new university and job I no longer have time to keep them updated. These were originally made for my own gaming communities and they served me very well over the years.

**The media included with the releases below is mostly random videos from YouTube. If somebody would like to help me out by taking some pictures or videos that would be greatly appreciated.

**If there is any interest in keeping these projects updated, then please create a fork on github so that your updates can be merged.


CB officially dead? again?

https://github.com/kurt-stolle/bhop is 404

I’ve shut that down about three months ago due to not having enough time and it being too big to manage alone.

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Will fix

Is the jailbreak the same one that is in scriptfodder?

Yes, I’ve removed it from ScriptFodder.

ah ok :frowning:

Why does this (seem to) upset you?

Bought it, not too long ago. Competition will probably raise now. But I have full respect for you releasing it.

I’m in the same boat, I know it’s good that your releasing some good gamemodes for free but you should have probably left the paid ones out of the release, Your JB gamemode is by far the most visually appealing and has the most features which gave my server a good edge over the competitions which is why it was worth me buying it, Now they will probably switch to your one seeing as how it’s free. I guess I’m just a little bit salty haha.

Glad to see your awesome work released to the public.

I understand your frustrations. Though speaking from experience, your community’s popularity will depend a lot more on your admin team and your leadership skills than the exclusiveness of your content. I would argue that most of the stuff you see on ScriptFodder is mainly marketed at people desperate for a quick boost in player counts. Such figures will decrease quite swiftly after your first wave of players, for your community is not built on a solid foundation.

I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in the GLua community since '06, but in reality anyone can make this stuff, all you need to do is take a few hours to read the documentation of the language.

If you personally feel like you deserve a refund, then I’ll give you a full refund if you bought it in the last 2 weeks. Send me an email or PM.

Didn’t arken buy your deathrun for like 500 euros?

I honestly doubt he’ll be happy if thats true.
I mean like the guy a few posts above me said its nice your releasing these for free. But if someone paid 500 euros for a gamemode by you I feel that you should’ve left that one out.

Someone bought ExclServer around a year ago for I think $200.

So when I install ExclServer with all of the needed modules in the correct directories, I get these errors on the server’s startup:

I also get this whenever a player attempts to chat:

And I get this every once in a while, even though all the mySQL .dll files are in the correct directories, and the tables are in the database:

Where did you get your tmysql4 module from? You’re getting errors from valid methods, meaning either your connection was unsuccessful or you have the wrong module.

I got the tmysql4 module from the Facepunch thread linked in the GitHub page.


Then your database object is not valid, meaning you failed to connect to it.

I just looked in to the database, and the tables are there, but there is nothing in them.

Shouldn’t the values be written by themselves?

It works fine for me and I’m not going to give support for it. If something doesn’t work and you fix it, I would appreciate a request on GitHub though

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Quick suggestion would be to simply C+P the query that creates the tables into a MySQL editor. Due to the query size it may generate some issues. I’ve always used my own version of tmysql4, though that shouldn’t be an issue, as it only applied minor optimisations.