excluding props from clean up/undo.

I’m working on a game mode with what is essentially two submodes, sandbox and role playing.

I am trying to make it so certain users can build something in sandbox mode, then switch ‘modes’ and have other players, and the builder, use the props as if they were part of a map, not having to worry about accidentally deleting them. Of course you should assume prop protection is on… etc etc. I can’t quite figure out how I can do this.

All suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance!

SUMMARY: I can’t find a function/hook for removing a prop from undo/clean up with out removing the prop it’s self.

Add props you don’t want to be delete into a temporary table, then find some way to exclude, that’s all I can think off…

The solution is to not add them to the undo list in the first place.

will this prevent them form getting wiped on clean up?