Exclusive donator only T weapons?

I was trying to think of more things to give my donators that seems fair. I thought it’d be pretty cool for donors to get access to exclusive T weapons only for them. Would this be possible to create? Is it already a thing?

If they’re not cosmetic, then I would suggest against it. Having a “pay 2 win” or exclusive weapons that you have to pay real money to get access to is a terrible idea. You basically scare away any real players that would enjoy your server since all the kiddies with mommy or daddy’s credit card will get VIP and use those weapons. Focus more on the fact that they donate to love your server, and do more that will let them want to keep playing there and, in fact, donate.

Sounds good man. Yeah I’ve been trying to stay away from Pay 2 Win such as buying T rounds and stuff. The guns that’d go in their though would just be fun guns like the Nyan gun and such. But nvm, thanks for the advice.

1 server saved, 3000 more to go.

Buying T rounds isn’t pay to win, it’s just paying. They don’t necessarily win if they buy the round.

Buying OP weapons is.

Okay, where are weapons mentioned in the quote I replied to?

I was just pointing out that buying T rounds doesn’t mean the player wins the round for the T’s, he could be a really bad player and lose it for them as well

Pay to “x” is garbage anyway, pay to win, pay to have fun.

It’s a bad idea and makes it look like a money grabbing server.