Exctracting models from DOW 2

I know its been done before but not for one particular model ive been looking for which is the tau commander from dawn of war 2 dlc

are there any guides for extracting models and porting them to gmod/sfm or are some models just unportable?

isn’t there a 3DS Max compatible mod toolkit for DoW2? i know a friend of mine has used something like that

none that i have been made aware of. it seems like the next best thing for my request is to simply make it myself.

There is. Iirc it’s called Santos tools or something like that. That’s what I used when I did the DKOK

It’s on the relicnews forums.

do you have those models? also would those tools let me rip the battlesuit?

If it can rip the DKOK from Retribution, it can rip the battlesuit from Retribution.