Excuse me sir, I believe you dropped this.


He’ll be fine.

Tis but a flesh wound

I always knew that a lightsaber cauterizes the wound, so there’s no blood leaking out, but a fire axe? That’s definitely new.

But enough about that, I like that picture.

Mmph mmm mmph hmmph, hmm mmph?

What are you gonna do, bleed on me?

Silly Pyro, that’s not his backstabbing hand.

Funfact, its barely edited


Nice choice of music :wink:

All I have to say to this is, awkward.

This is what happens when some random prick starts running around swinging his axe, and suddenly hits the one spy who’s been sneaking through the ranks the entire match. Then there’s that awkward pause as he sees he just did damage to a teammate, and he suddenly realizes what just happened, and then he cuts your head off.

True Story.