Excuse me, what?

What’s up with all the moderators?


Do we really need that many?


So that I do not get banned, please explain and lock it.

What the. O_o

Maybe mods are tired of not being able to control more than one section if another mod in another section misses some troll or whatever. And now more garrysmod intrested mods are in control of all garrysmod sections.

That would be my guess.

All the Gmod related Moderators control all the sections now. You can see that the Moderators dont have “Section Moderator” anymore but “Gmod Moderator” :stuck_out_tongue:

that sucks.


I simply don’t know, I believe they didn’t had any restrictions on the other moderator’s sections.

Beats me :v:/

:pwn: :wtf:



Run while you still can! **

I asked hairy but whatever.


Why can’t we go back to the good old days, where Uber was the only mod and Silver would occasionally make a post that had nothing to do with anything :frown:

I guess it’s to keep the section in check.

I think the biggest “wtf?” is why Silverhammer is still on that list. Has that guy even posted in the last 4 months?.. I mean, posted somewhere other than the Weed Forum?


And Uberslug was doing a fine job on his own anyways, albeit with some fucking stupid comments from Silverhammer every now-and-then that would probably just echo the thread title but with a question mark at the end, or point out something in the picture that everyone could blatantly see like “that guy has a gun”.

We should respect our superiors… They are there for us and wil- It’s a trap! Get out while you still can! They are going to kil-

But seriously, maybe it’s the amount of Trolls nowadays.

Precisely this :wink:


And I didn’t get banned :buddy:

Everyone get your ban hats on.

The Screenshots sections going for a split up Berlin in 1940’s style community.

Or It’s gonna be awesome :smiley:

I think 3 moderators are enough.

I really don’t care how many moderators there are. Not planning on being naughty.

You say that now, but most bans are an overreaction or not on purpose.

Like overreacting to criticism.