Executed at dawn.


Well, it’s an editing test, what more could you expect? C&C I guess.

He’s holding the pistol really awkwardly.
An outstretched arm and shooting the guy in the back of the head would look much more badass.

The Guy shooting, His arm could be more streched out.

The people look wierdly drawn-like.
Otherwise good.

I like it. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just simply like it. :v:

Good Job.

Thank yous.

This seems so familiar.

Like i’ve seen it somewhere before.

I think Uberslug did something similar ages ago, it’s still very good through, nice backdrop.

hmm this looks familiar


Inspiration is always good, Uber.

This is really nice ! But he’s carrying his pistol a really strange way. Try to make him look more… badass.



but it isn’t desired when it’s been done before, better

Cranky, are we?

straighten the arm. that way he’s not hurting his arm firing the p99

No sence of recoil at all, and hes holding his pistol awkwardly; Try like straigtning his arm and make it look hes getting the recoil

The shooting stance is poor. Editing is quite nice though.

Yes, I know, I didn’t care much about posing since it was just an editing test. But thanks anyway, Chesty, it’s always nice to get criticism from the best.

Anyone else hate or like?

I like the editing, however posing could be better :dance: