Executing config files?

Anyone know how to execute a config file? I thought it was just like CSS and CSGO where you just put your configfiles in the cfg folder and typed “exec ‘configname’” in console, but apparently its not?

just an example of what I’d like to use config files for:
/// Login + Server Message

rcon.login “Mypassword”

notice.popupall “Admin online!”

echo “Logged in as admin”

So I saved this to my cfg folder, and typed “exec admin” and nothing really happened.
Anyone got any ideas?

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I would like to use this combined with an autoexec that enables me to launch specific executables with keybindings… All I’m wondering is what command do I type to execute a config?

very good suggestion

bump! Still need answers if anyone got? I thought the cfg folder might be in another directory like CSS but I’ve had no luck yet.

The reason it doesn’t work is because Rust isn’t a fucking Source game. :v:

It’s built in Unity. Completely different system.

oh I’m sorry I thought otherwise… no need to be insulting.

To me the console and everything reminded me of source engine! Just that the commands were different. there should however be some way to execute selfmade config files whilst ingame?

It would help out alot!

This game’s in alpha. You might have to put up with some inconveniences for a while. You might also need to search for information sometimes.

At the moment, the nice handy command list you might be used to in mature FPS franchises (like the Source engine) is mostly if not completely missing. These things will come with time.

I’m not in a hurry and I respect that it’s in alpha and that the feature list is very slim. Thanks for replying!