Executing DarkRP on a dedicated server.

Hello everybody!
I’ve been meaning to setup a version of DarkRP on my server. (Yes, yes here comes the “DARKRP IS THE WORST GAMEMODE YOU ARE CANCER” esque comments…)
I’m running GMOD on a Dedicated Server with the Console interface. I’ve tried adding “+sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP” to the launch options on my dedicated, but to no avail.
I have also tried the following methods. (Via the server console)
“sv_gamemode “DarkRP””
“map MAP NAME gamemode DarkRP”
At one point, I actually managed to get to the Base Gamemode trying to get to DarkRP. Any ideas?

Additional notes:
~I did name my DarkRP folder in addons to be… DarkRP. So it shouldnt really be a problem with the name.
~The version of DarkRP I’m running is the SVN release.

DarkRP doesn’t belong in Addons, it’s supposed to be in Gamemodes.