Execution of a drug dealer [8Pic scene]

Alright, time for my first pose in about a year, my first pose thread in about 2 and my first actual attempt at posing in Garrys Mod 10, all for one low price!









Comments, constructive criticism and tips would be nice.

Angles are nice.

Could use a bit more work on effects such as lighting and coloring.
Also the focus point is generally not pretty centered in a few.

I assume with the lighting you are referring to the drug dealers shirt, it was unusually bright, it looked like I had bloom going, but it was the best possible model I had, as I bought this days ago and just started getting back into it.
And the not being centered in certain photos I thought added a style to it, also to compensate for some shotty body-posing on the scene where he unloads his magazine in to him.

Thanks for the tip, I will take that into consideration.

where did you get the citizen?

Antialiasing is needed.

Posing is excellent but you need to up graphics

For some reason i think the drug dealer’s pose makes him look retarded. Probably the gaping mouth and blank, staring eyes.

When you do drugs, you’ll smoke yourself stupid…

I am almost positive its in Deans Misc. pack.
Thanks for the feedback

It’s from Dean’s Misc. Pack.

You need to turn your graphics up along with AA.


Dang, I’m late.

das not be drue.

The angles and posing are quite nice, but it could use some editing to complete it. A word to the wise: don’t use default Source blood. It’s ugly and doesn’t usually work well.

I would love to, and I realize it does not work well, but it works. My editing skills are how do you say … fuckin worthless.
I have tried to learn before but maybe I am thick cause its never improved.