Execution of the 3rd generation.


Everything looks great. Simple as that

The lights look amazing and I have fallen in love with that muzzleflash.

The bullet wound could use some work tho.

really cool editing

Nice editing. Love the light.

I like everything, especially that muzzleflash, but Nick looks like a queer with his legs a little bended and too close to eachother

Don’t like the blood. But other than that the rest of it is good. Love the posing on nick.

really lovely editing
but muzzle looks too smudged and blood should be going in all directions


:frowning: why

Agree. A red hot poker is better.

Editing is great!

Were can i find that lovely glock model ?

Look for the L4D 2 modified weapons by bloocobalt.

Where can I find that lovely Nick reskin?

Look for Nick on garrysmod.org

His arm looks odd.

Other than that, artistic.

Look for my pants, take them off.

Very atmospheric. Nice work all round.