Execution of the Prisoners of Nova Prospekt, 3rd May, 2004


a parody of ‘Execution of the Defenders of Madrid, 3rd May, 1808’ by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes


I don’t know why, but something about it looks really strange…

Also, are those Guards NPCs?

I don’t think ‘parody’ is the right word here. ‘Appropriation’ maybe?

Thanks for your advice :0 i don’t speak english very well

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Your English is better than my Korean :v:

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(the joke being that I don’t even know a single word of it)

that guy got a shot in the nuts

guy in the background standing up made me lol

It was actually the 2nd of May.

Neither totally right, nor totally wrong. Events took place the 2nd and 3rd may. Revolt took place the 2nd and was repressed the 3rd. The painting is nammed “Tres de Mayo”.

Waityeah, the rise started in the 2nd and the execution was in the 3rd.

There’s another painting from Goya which is named Dos de Mayo.

Now we just need the one where that guy gets cut in half from the groin up.

I don’t think that they would execute prisoners on that very nice tile. But then again, they are mindless Combine. They just might.