Execution of the spy.



I tried to make the blood cartoony.

Gunshot wounds look okay, the blood splatter is horrid. Good job on everything else! :downs:

Edited OP with new picture.

Not really, better than the first one. Would look something like this http://hemospat.com/terminology/images/Projected_Pattern.jpg

I’m kinda tired and done with editing. That looks like blood splatter on a wall opposed to going out the head though.

why is there smoke coming out from the spy’s cigarette AFTER he gets shot but not before?
also, I don’t think that’s how someone should hold and fire a pistol.

The Spy’s poses are a bit stiff and the Scout has no real believable expression. If you were about to execute an enemy you’d have some sort of emotion on your face he just looks a bit dopey at the moment.

maybe he was inhaling right before he got shot?

btw cool pose, i love tf2 poses

damn,the pistol is fucking powerful now…

Who the hell holds their arm when aiming a pistol?

Someone who wants a steady HS? :v:


It always has.


I’m not sure why, I just thought it was a nice effect.

Wouldn’t he be holding his other hand/gun, then?

I just woke up and I have no idea what you mean by that.

You know, both hands should go on the gun.


I wouldn’t normally do that unless it was a powerful gun. I kept my hand on my wrist unless I was shooting .45’s.

Posing is pretty stiff below the scouts torso, and the spy is posed like he does that everyday

From what I know it’s wrong to keep hand on wrist while shooting.

Blood is too bright.

I don’t think a bullet that comes from a small barrel from a pistol like that would make a hole in your head that big.

It’s TF2 blood, remember.