Exho's Chatbox

So this started off as a little project to try something new using PortalGod’s instructions on how to make a chatbox, this is what he calls a “real custom one” which might be useful if you want to see how its done. I was originally planning to sell it for a few bucks because blur = money or something but I realized it looked a whole lot like sChat chatbox and that wouldn’t be cool. Soooo that didn’t happen and I figured it would be useful to release it for free because so far the chatbox market is all paid addons.


Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421889951
Github: https://github.com/Exho1/eChat

Looks Nice

I wonder if you even take a breath in between making addons. So many addons and of good quality too.

Lol I finish my addons and then another pops to my head and I go try it. This was just something to get my mind off my scrap armor mod for a few days

I’m really fucking greatful for the tutorials you posted on this, thanks a lot!

Are lua chatboxes reliable? I can’t recall being on any servers that have one recently but I’ve heard that they can be quite buggy and broken.

Well you do have to do some kinda hacky stuff to get it to work in gamemodes that screw with the chat like DarkRP

Hey no problem! They are not perfect as I really only learned chatboxes in a couple days but I hope that they get more people to create chatboxes!

Heres the links for anyone who missed it:

You should add a small stroke/outline to the text, as right now it feels a bit flat(?) (probably not the right term, but it makes it easier to read with an outline)

Good job!

Seriously nice job on this, seems like you made yours quicker than I made the original!
Your work always impresses me, it’s great to see.

I already spoke about that that I love you?

I have to admit this is a much better method than the one I used to create a chatbox which was store messages in a table and loop through them every time I opened the chatbox and draw them in a panel as DLabels. Thanks a lot for the tutorials they are really helpful.

I tried it and its very nice though when running commands like !menu, !slap, and ulx commands in general, they do not work. Though you can run console commands.

Also time stamps do not working
Still a very nice chat and would use when these small bugs are fixed

Yeah not sure why concommands dont work

They can work.

still need to do some testings with it and with some popular admin mods, then i gonna start an pull request.

Yeah big thanks to Tomelyr for fixing chat commands! I should probably make the chat boxes size be based on screen dimensions too, forgot about that

Could you fix the glitch where people can’t tab names?

Since i’ve never encountered this bug or feature, i need an bigger explanation of this bug.

Its probably because I never coded it in

The chatbox is shitty but I really like the server. Perfect map for darkrp and I really want to buy donar admin, any chance you sell co-owner also (I got it on eugines rp hue)? Also, can I steal your jobs file and add to my server, I really want the 500k jobs!

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