Exiled Servers found a way to ban Seth Hack users automatically

Aaaaand they’ve been taken offline completely.

It’s apparently really easy, buuuut Seth is now angry and is dosing them to death.

I’ve been banning sethhack users more or less automatically since it launched. Haven’t had that much negative attention.

I feel sad for everyone that paid $25 to use his shit hack.

What should Exiled do is share that hack ban to watch these pro ddosers squeal more.


Also, Thank You. Im gonna go update the Banned user files :slight_smile:

Also, I have been imitated many a time on the forums of Seth hack, little worrying

Don’t flatter yourself. Never happened once and I’m sure no one knows who you are.

For the fifth time, Seth himself is not DDoSing Exiled Servers. I’m sure banning over 84 people at once would really piss off a lot of people. Maybe this time they’ll learn from their mistakes.

It’s too bad you begged Seth for it not so long ago :v:

Lol, another typical Sethhack user.

It’s too bad I don’t use Sethhack because of the TOS, and I was an admin on a great community called Sassilization. Please again before you continue to act like an idiot please shut up you ignorant fuck. Because I respected Sassilization so much I never used Sethhack, and when I got admin I never thought about using Sethhack, please don’t make ignorant statements like that again.

If you admin a server, you shouldn’t be supporting a hack that most of your playerbase are already using

This thread is now full retard.

Too bad he’s not supporting it?

I checked my banlist and he’s not in it, so chances are he doesn’t have any cheats.

I just this list to all server owners I know.

I wanna see seth ddosing all of these :v:

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Wow, how many proxies do you have seth?

Your country icon changed 2 times in the last 15 minutes.

not a proxy. I posted from CZ a few days ago but it’s been BG ever since

The main reason the DDoS is happening is because of the fact that those SteamID’s were posted and Sadistic’s general attitude towards Seth. I’m not sure if Seth is a part of this but regardless people are mad and people are taking ExiledServers down because of what I just said. However, the only other thing Sadistic could have done is act a bit nicer or not include it on the ban list, but this is his server and not Seth’s, so it’s all on Sadistic. Plus the list already spread out past XS so, yeah.

That’s from Sadistic on the first page.

And get it patched even faster on a larger scale? Sure! (I’m saying this with the idea that you were trying to say XS should share the means of banning these people.)

If the method of detecting them is to be shared with anybody, it should be with Valve. VAC bans all around!


Looks like his forum still doesn’t load correctly :v:

The least he could have done is warn everyone that an anti cheat is enabled and will auto ban anyone with Sethhack.

No fun in that.