Exiled Servers is back!!

Just found out that a community I used to play on a long time ago is back - all of the old users content has been restored on the servers. All of the stuff you had before the servers went down is still there and on this server!!


The only flaws I see are, the original site was .net, as well as no Slayer account there, and formatme having like 3 out of the 9 accounts.

Edit: the .net domain is still owned, too. No point in changing to .com

Edit2: Evidence points to this being illegitimate. Pretty shitty.

Nobody has my database backups and they were never stored on a public server outside of a firewalled backup server which was backed up and formatted. That page is blatantly edited and broken as hell, the domain forwards to backslashgaming.net

So it seems formatme bought the retarded exiledservers.com that had been for sale $300+.

Gmod is horrible, PERP is terrible and ExiledServers.net will never host PERP ever again.

Someone didn’t read the big yellow highlighted thread on the top of the forum.

formatme is hilarious. I remember him trying to said he had one of my gamemodes. When it was all client and shared shit.

Looks like he is really riding the wave. Everyone who ever joined your server had that.

The amount of times he’s said or tried to dox me is uncountable.

oh lol, formatme is still alive.

I’m hesitant to post in this seeing as I’m not looking to get banned in a server thread in the wrong section, but as an ex-moderator and fan of the old ExiledServers, I’m not into this whole thing.

It’s being run by someone who I’ve never, ever met in my playtime at ExiledServers. Why is he fit to run around with the name ExiledServers if he’s never played on it? How is he relevant?

Simply put, I don’t know this guy, I don’t know 95% of the people on the member list, and it seriously sounds like they’re trying to ride off the previous reputation of ExiledServers, which is 100% wrong no matter how you look at it.

At best Hell zone will have some competition, at the worst it’ll just die.

Garry’s Mod is not horrible, it’s only a few people in it. At the end of the day, it’s a fucking game you made money in.

Plus, why are you even complaining? Especially, out of all places here?

fpspurple lol

rip any members who join that

Wow so rude you people, i am simply hosting the old gamemode that slayer use to host.

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I spent 10$ on the domain where did you get this 300 number rofl.

Why do you people even care if he’s hosting perp? Slayers servers were really popular, meaning there is probably demand for classic perp again.

The community is horrible, the players are horrible and there’s no opportunity like there used to be. I didn’t complain about anything, I just expressed my opinion of Gmod/PERP and my decision for my community anyways?

You don’t have a single damn thing of mine, nice try though. Exiledservers.com was squatted when we were looking a domain, they wanted around $200 in 2009. Last time I checked in 2010 or 2011 it was up to some stupid number like $346.

There isn’t, you’ll make the same mistakes I made with Exiledservers before any of you even knew it existed and the same mistake which I made again when you all did. Except that your mistake have only been made even worse through time. Not to mention you’re all dead weight to communities and all have done nothing but ruin everything you touch.

Great job on being really original and actually attempting to create something of yourselves, exactly what you’re doing is just another part of why I shut down ExiledServers.

The best of luck to you three, because you’re gonna need a damn miracle to do anything more than simply exist.

It’s not hard to exist when the server cost nothing to host it and we can easily block the skiddy ddos attacks that sadly got you null routed more then once. And what mistakes are you talking about? ddos? The demand for perp?
Also i never said i had anything of yours. And how do you know if there is a demand for classic perp when you have not even played garry’s mod in a few years?

Good luck getting past the players who want customizations in order to play.

Thanks, its not like you made perp in the first place.

This would be the reason that I don’t play ANY PERP or OCRP scripts anymore. Too many people trying to bring back the past, but you will NEVER bring back those communities. You can NEVER recreate the feeling that those communities had.

I’m not saying that you can’t host an awesome PERP or OCRP script, because you can. But in my eyes, all you’re doing is shitting all over good memories of fun times.

To me, this just looks like a way to ride on the coat tails of something you didn’t create. YOU didn’t create the Exiled community. YOU didn’t shape and mold it. YOU didn’t put the hard work and hours into making it what it was. But all of a sudden you think that it’s ok for YOU to come in and use their brand, their hard work, and their name? You honestly don’t deserve any players. I honestly think that people who do this are LOWER than communities running a PERP or OCRP script. At least they are somewhat trying to make it their own. This is just a lazy cop-out.

PERP isn’t what made ExiledServers fun to play, and that’s the thing I don’t people end up finding out until way too late. PERP, in itself, is a boring gamemode.

I can count the amount of times I actually tried to seriously roleplay on one hand - a majority of the time I was screwing around acting like a fool on ExiledServers. A lot of the players were pretty funny to be around and if not, they were generally the ones that got banned or started a lot of drama which eventually led to bans anyway.

I would say the reason ExiledServers existed the way it did was a combination of very special conditions: the staff, its leadership, the player base, and the script itself.

People who tried to create their own versions of ExiledServers after it’s closing found them selves unable to get all the old players from the old player base because a lot of them moved on, and that includes me. A lot of people who created their own XS-style server were also met with the problem of getting the wrong, serious RP-styled players as opposed to kinds of players you’d see on XS. (if they get any players at all) Times also change, and so do players, so saying you’d get the same niche player base of a few years ago is exaggerating.

Then you have the staff which is either almost non-existent, overly harsh with a ridiculous amount of rules, or unfit for the job. I don’t know how this staff will do, but because of past server owners who have tried to step up to the plate, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

Replicating the XS experience is a hard job to accomplish, and I’ve seen many people try and fail.

What I would rather see is people create their own server with XS for inspiration as opposed to trying to copy XS. ExiledServers is dead, and nothing’s going to change that, so it’s better to just start from scratch, imo.

This is the internet i could post cats if i wanted to spent my time that way, but i dont i want to bring back that perp that everyone likes if you think i dont deserve any players cool i dont care dont play on my server i rather have someone else.
And I’m not trying to recreate anything other then put back up what has been down for a long time.

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I am starting from scratch I’m not looking for the old player base i know that most of them dont even play garry’s mod. After all the youtubers showed their fans garry’s mod a ton of new people are playing it.