Exisiting Bases left open

Curious question about existing bases.
I have seen a number of developed bases that have either been raided (and left open) or abandoned. Most recently I have scouted a base that appeared to have been raided but it’s occupants have not returned…yet.
For three days now I have contemplated taking over that base as the repair would not be that much. If I decide to do this, I would probably add on.
The question I have is a Rust ethical one.
Is this acceptable? taking over an existing base? Or is it best to leave it be.

It all depends on who you are, and what your play style is.
I tend not to do it as the base has been raided, and people know where this base is. Although the raiders might not come back, there’s always a chance.

Finders keepers.

Hobo squatting is perhaps my favorite aspect of Rust. :smiley:

I recently found a group of 5 guys hobo squatting in an abandoned base. Snuck in and murdered them in their sleep. Not really their brightest idea considering it would have taken them, what? 30 minutes to make a new wall and door?

Cool…All I needed to know. Thnx!
As far as the base goes…yes, it is apparent that peeps know of this base,however…I do believe that it has been awhile since it was raided. The base is not equipped all that and I finally have enough resources that I could take it to a more secured level. At least, I hope I do!