Exist (Interactive)

(I don’t know, interactive comics seemed appealing. Don’t let the dramatic tone fool you, I lurked long enough to know no one would respond in seriousness. I don’t mind, I just like making pictures. All I ask if you ask for something really outlandish, maybe throw me a model to use)


Chainsaw, bear spider, telekinesis

my weapon, my form and my power

( I hope I lived up to your expectations)

I wield thine holy pink dildo, my form ist that of thine most holy overweight african-american, and I wieldeth thine power of cheeseburgers

I demand an AA-12 Combat shotgun, I take the form of a Green Beret, and my power? I’m a f***ing Green Beret.

I wield thine holy GEP gun, my form is that of the shiny plated trench-coated knight, and my vision is augmented.

Without a doubt.


(To clarify, it’s a guy at gunpoint. Was a little clearer in-game, oh well)

seeing as how you are a bear and bears frequently take human form to hunt their prey, you should take the form of a weakly and innocent business man and then tear off their arms
don’t forget to dress up your chainsaw as a briefcase