Exo Zombies CEL-3 Cauterizer model

Hello world, I was wondering if someone could help me get this model Im after

Im wanting a Cel-3 Cauterizer 3D model ripped from Exo Zombies Advanced Warfare (OBJ format), I was wondering if someone could rip the model for me or at least tell me how to rip it from the game Id greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

Tom Crowley’s Lime64 is what you might want to try.

Thanks, is there a way to rip the model from the files and not in game???

Right now Im completely unable to play Advanced Warfare right now, I get an error saying unable to connect to online services, and its been like that for over a week, and ive done everything you could do to my wifi to fix that problem…

I wish it was possible but unfortunately I haven’t found/seen any way to get the models from the files. If I had the MP version of Advanced Warfare I would just rip it for you but I have a repacked copy of Advanced Warfare just so I could rip all the models and sounds. maybe someone will chime in for you and rip it.

You’re lucky, i’ve actually found it in the dump i already have. Unfortunately it seems to be a Multiplayer-exclusive weapon, and Lime64 currently always fails to get the main weapon normal map when dumping from Multiplayer. Curiously, accessory normal maps like optics and stocks get captured perfectly.

Thanks a lot man!

can you reuploadthe model pls?

here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_xt_Rby1IF5a0NIbXNsZTB2Nm8?usp=drive_web