Exodus - A MMORPG Project for Garry's Mod

Hello Facepunch Community!

I have been working on a rather large project of mine for the past few months, and I figured it has gotten to a point where I can share my progress publicly.

This gamemode is not to be confused with the MMORPG called “Exodus” created by Glutton Creeper Games, or any other piece of work for that matter. This is an independent project put on by myself, MisterSweetRoll, and a bit of input from find me.

Basically, this gamemode will feature cross-server database read/writing, so if you play one one server, your session info will load back up on a different server, no progress lost. I am expecting to host multiple servers to allow alot of people to enjoy the game.

I am trying to develop this to the best of my abilities, and expect future updates soon!

You can check out the website here

Note: If you somehow want to help contribute to this project, please contact me over Steam, I barely check my PMs here on FP.

Please also note that because I am using private MySQL data inside the gamemode, I cannot release the gamemode to the public, sorry.

Thank you for reading, I will add more information about the gamemode soon, feel free to leave ideas, comments, or criticism about this. Thank you.

UPDATE: The eStore is still a work in progress, however if you’d like to see it, view it here; Login with Account Number: 1111222233334444 and Password: pw1234

You should provide more information on what the gamemode is about. At the moment you just said you had MySQL support.

Yeah sorry, I posted this at 1 am so I wasn’t really thinking the post through, here’s what it is about:

Exodus is a MMORPG gamemode, the first I’ve seen for Garry’s Mod, in where you participate in quests/events, trading, crafting, minigames, and exploring. You gain experience through these, and you level up your character once you gain the total amount of XP for that level. Exodus is a fully-immersive open-world gamemode, which allows simultaneous server updating from a MySQL database that contains player data for every single player that has ever joined Exodus. This online database allows for player data saving through any server that is running the gamemode, that way you can continue your game no matter what server you join. Exodus also features an in-game currency (Currently called ExoCredits, but I might change the name later). This currency allows you to purchase items for your character either in-game or outside of the game on an online eStore.

The gamemode is currently a work in progress, buit I have gotten pretty far with it so far. Right now I am working on the banking/trading system along with the events system. The gamemode also features full character customization, similar to that of Tiramisu or any RP Framework. Please note that I am not trying to form this into another roleplay gamemode that people will be pissed about. This gamemode is fully made from scratch by myself, with the sweps made by my friend MisterSweetRoll.

Please check back later for more updates. Thank you for reading.

(Feel free to leave comments, etc… It helps!)

This can’t be called an MMO if the servers do not contain thousands of people playing at once. Call it an MORPG instead, and there have been many previous gamemodes like this. Underdone is one of them.

Any screenshots?

Only if gmod support multi cores. Then then this could support over 127 players

Screenshots will come soon, as once as I work on some kind of hud and player system. I never heard of Underdone, I’ll take a look at it later. With the statement about the servers, I fully agree with it, I’m working on some kind of server integration between each other (Maybe Cross-Server-Chat?). As I’m developing this gamemode, I am still planning out some aspects, so leave suggestions about what to add/change/remove etc…

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SRCDS technically does work on multiple cores, I’ve seen some servers with up to 128 player slots

No you can set it to use multiple cores but that’s just using half of one core and another half of the other core. I was talking about if srcds could use the two cores using both of them at maximum potential then you could go to 350 or higher.

Yea, I agree with you, if only… However I believe that you guys may have the wrong idea of what I’m trying to accomplish here…

Basically, there is one database in the “center” of the network map. This database holds all player data, item data, server data, and store data. Each server running Exodus will have access to this server, so players can access their data on any Exodus server they join. This allows you to pick up where you left off, no matter what server you join.

For example, if you join Exodus Server #1, play for a bit, gain some XP, a level or two, etc… It all saves dynamically to the database online every 5 minutes and when you disconnect. So later the same day (Or any day), if you join say Server #2, #3, #4, etc… all of your same data you gained (Those levels and XP) all loads dynamically to your client, so you never lose any game progress. This will be developed further though, but right now my top priorities are to get the items/inventory to work, the quest/events system, and a “nice” looking HUD.

Without trying to sound like a dick, but that’s not exactly impressive. Can we get any pictures, videos or some form of media at least? So far we only know that your gamemode has MySQL support and some generic RPG elements like an inventory, quests and an experience system.

I’m busy with school work at the moment, but once I get some free time to work on the gamemode, I will finish up the HUD and framework systems, and I’ll post some type of media (Either Screenshot or Video)

i can already tell this will fail

It’s always worth a try, once I have more free time, I’ll be able to put most if not all of my focus into this gamemode. I mainly just posted it here on Facepunch to get plans and ideas from the community to see if they wanted to have any input in it. I’d love the community to get involved that way I can shape it into a gamemode that the community will enjoy. There is really no point of creating something that people don’t like, it just doesn’t make sense.

You should have followed Garry’s Law.

Huh, I should keep that in mind for the next time. I may update my status when I’m prepared with showing off the gamemode. However in all seriousness, if you guys have any ideas for me, feel free to share them, or if you’d like to help, contact me through Steam; If not, then we can just drop the thread.

that isnt always necessarily true