Exodus from the city


Whoah, awesome atmosphere. Remember me the “death highway”.

Amazing post-apocalyptic scene! As pMnky said, the atmosphere is awesome.

Very atmospheric, me like, very much.

You really captured the feel, I’ve got a chill down my spine.

Be careful stalker, there may be a Bloodsucker near by. :ohdear:

You really captured the feel as LetsGroove said. Amazing atmosphere. Good work.


To bad it’s a PNG and loads up pixilated at first.

It loaded the same way, and a split second I thought :byodood:, GRAPHICS UP THEM NAO! Then it loaded and it caught my attention instantly, I would definately not walk down that highway, love the atmosphere you obbtained there, very errie

:golfclap: :gizz:

Oh my.

That’s fucking beautiful. Looks a lot like I’d imagine highways outside HL2’s cities to be.

Damn looks sweet

Very nice, you captured the feel perfectly.
Suit up stalker.

One thing to say