Exogen Gaming

Hi. We just opened 2 new servers.
Exo | Aridia (Medieval RP)
Exo | WW3 RP (World War 3 RP)

If you want to check it out, come join :wink:

Before making threads, you should always remember to read the rules. Server advertisement threads aren’t allowed here anymore. Good luck though.

As stated above, threads like this arent allowed. If they were you could have at least given us more detail about your servers.

More servers to add to my blacklist.

Personal protest, really. I don’t visit servers that belong to people who don’t care enough to read the rules on Facepunch.

Especially when it’s just a bit over 144 characters.

Yes, you adding a server to your blacklist will REALLY show these bastards not to post where they shouldn’t!

Personal protest, meaning I’m not going to visit their server and they can get their player count from other people. I posted that saying they should actually give a shit when they’re advertising because they’re pretty much showing that they’re whores who couldn’t care less about letting you know who they are, what they are, what the servers are like, is it new, what have they added to it… They just posted and left. They are shitty. I’m not joining them.

I added them to my blacklist so I don’t accidentally join them when I roam on Garry’s Mod. They don’t deserve a positive player count.

I’m going to stop drinking Coca Cola, because they come to my area, put ads on our billboards as if they don’t even give a fuck who is seeing them, and then leave. Fuck them. I’m going to get a tattoo of their logo on my arm with a big X through it so I know to NEVER touch a Coca Cola product, not even by accident.

Christ Crispex, stop making references to something else and actually come up with a counter argument. Wauterboi has a totally valid point, I wouldn’t visit this server either due to their bad advertisement. No need to try and shoot his opinion down constantly by making silly references.

Your a fucking idiot, this has nothing to do with you yet, you’re defending the rule breaking.

+1 Dumb for you.

Oh my god, sorry I forgot the rules in server advertising. Gosh. Now this is Facepunch fault because I dont see a “Delete” button anywhere to delete this topic as a sorry. No need to go “YOU FUCKIN STUPID WHORES”. Is it so wrong that we want people on our server that we just reopened? And we do care about the people joining. Now you can troll on me as you want, dont think it would hurt me, it just wonders me then really how old you are… Show some respect like Jackpody did, even though I DID something wrong.

The fact that you missed that is hard to believe, considering it’s at the top of the page.

This is your fault for POSTING IT.

Is there any place you can advertise servers on facepunch any more?

Yeah, but nobody goes to that section for GMod servers. I believe it’s mostly just all the stupid kids’ Minecraft advertisements. The last time I checked it was anyway.

Fucking Minecraft… why is it so popular?

Where is that section Btw?

http://www.facepunch.com/forums/189 ?

Yeah, that one.

hey look another shitty ass fucking worthless gaming community that needs to be purged from the earth like your fucking fat ass mother


Flaming much?