Exolius's Gmod Build Server

I finally figured out how to create Source engine servers, I currently have one TF2 Server which I run for friends and a G-mod Server which is up right now.

The IP is: - 8 Slot Sandbox Server

Addons this server is running:
ULX admin mod
Wiremod (SVN)
CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0
Door Stool
Wiremod addon pack (SVN)
Simple Prop Protection (SVN)

Tell me what you all think.

ULX + ASS mod at the same time -> epic fail
is HAAX really necessary? -.-

i like haaax, and now im running evolve as an admin package


the server is down atm now, im doing more addons and more games mounted


Does anyone on here know if www.xfactorservers.com is a reliable SP?
Im thinking of renting one so its up most of the time and not restricted to my pc.