{Exos} Project Utopia Roleplay



Game: Garry’s Mod
Server Title: {Exos} Project Utopia Roleplay | exoscommunity.net
Server IP:
Gamemode: Tiramisu
Map: md_venetianredux_b2fix (Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=61714)
Content Pack: http://jocken.im/ProjectUtopiaRPContent.rar

*** General Info**
Project Utopia Roleplay is a Garry’s Mod roleplay server using an unique storyline and setting.
Unlike most roleplay servers, we give the player much more control over the story and the server events. The server is divided into several chapters, and only the two first chapters are made by the admins. The rest of the chapters will be made based on what the players do on the server.
Rather than saying that we’re a serious roleplay server, we’d like you to find out on your own and judge us based on what you think of the server!
We don’t sell admin or VIP privileges, such as models, weapons etc. We believe that all players should be treated equally, and have the same chance to make something of themselves.

We are currently running Tiramisu, with a custom schema and a few custom plugins.

*** Backstory**
In the year of 2006, an unknown organization only known as ‘The Firm’ started planning a highly classified project. The name of said project was simply: ‘Project Utopia’.
The goal of the project was to re-create a new society and world of harmony and peace. No weapons, no violence and no wars. But, in the year of 2011, earth began to suffer from different natural phenomenons. It first began in Japan, with earthquakes, floods, destroyed nuclear reactors and volcanic eruptions. It was all just the beginning of the end. Soon the rest of the world felt the wrath of nature, and people began to realize that the situation was out of hand. The world as we knew it had come to an end.
By 2012 the world was in ruins, and ‘The Firm’ suddenly announced that Project Utopia had been completed. Countless of volunteers signed up for the project.
As people stepped into the vast world of Utopia, their memories were automatically wiped out by an AI core located in the tower of Artificial Intelligence. They had to start whole new lives in Utopia, without any remanining memories of their past lives.
Utopia was a glorious island in the middle of nowhere. It was controlled and protected by the tower of Artificial Intelligence, and inhabitants of Utopia didn’t know whether the island was artificial or real. Utopia was guarded by ‘The Guardians’, machines which were controlled by the AI core. They enforced certain rules and made sure that people wouldn’t repeat humanity’s previous mistakes. But in the year of 2018, connections to ‘The Firm’ were mysteriously cut off, and The AI Core exploded for unknown reasons. ‘The Guardians’ suddenly started malfunctioning, and tore the place apart. Project Utopia had seemingly been abandoned. The year is now 2022, it has been four years since Project Utopia’s cancellation and Utopia is now an anarchy. Guardians are scattered around all over Utopia, mindlessly wandering around.

Welcome to Utopia… Welcome to Hell.

*** Chapters**
The storyline is divided into different chapters. The first two chapters are there to get the story started, and the rest of the chapters will be decided by the players and based on their actions. The story is very flexible and easy for people to build on.

Chapter 1; Reconstruction
- Just another day in Utopia… Guardians are patrolling the streets, assisting inhabitants while inhabitants are working on their daily chores.
What could go wrong?

Chapter 2; Freedom or Damnation? [Current Chapter]
- Suddenly a large explosion is heard from the AI tower, and burning debris is flying out from it. People start to feel weird, like something’s happening to their heads…
Meanwhile the Guardians are going insane, causing havoc throughout Utopia, tearing down entire buildings and occasionally attacking inhabitants.

Chapter 3; TBA
- To Be Announced

*** Media**
For whatever reason the media tags refused to work, so here have some links…
Also, sorry for the lack of some real media, no one was on the server at the time I took these pictures. I’ll update the OP with more pictures/videos soon.



*** Links**
Forum Boards
Steam Group
Content Pack [v 1.2]


I’d like to inform that I am the co-owner of Exos and that I am here to approve of this advertisement.
We haven’t got much players, almost none due all the hassle with our gamemode struggle between TacoScript and Tiramisu.

Now when the script part has been solved, I’d like to welcome any possible new players to join the server and roleplay.
We’ve had a sluggish start and only very few people have noticed Exos.
Our main goal is to create enjoyable roleplaying environment and friendly community where everyone is treated equally, but as their own individuals.

Not really my thing, but I like the story. Good luck, guys

Nice advert Jocken, good work, I will take a look on your server.

Nice one.

Thanks for all the positive feedback.
I’ll hop on the server right now, so if anyone wants to help getting it populated so that we can finally start roleplaying on there, be my guest.

Jocken takes his RP seriously, I’ll drop by when I have the time, possibly tomorrow.

Ip does not work :confused:

Sorry, the server has been down for maintenance for a while since Tiramisu seems to have broken for me.
It’ll be back up asap.

Server’s back up and running. We’re trying to get a population going.

It was really fun last night.
A lot of people got on, and we had a massive event changing the chapter.
The server is now on Chapter 2, and Utopia has gone to hell.

Hey, gonna check this out, but trying to download the map, and, apparently garrysmod.org is screwed up or something?

Server not found  
          Firefox can't find the server at s3.garrysmod.org.

  Check the address for typing errors such as
    ww.example.com instead of
  If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
  If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
    that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

it’s back up

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automerge? :v:

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well dang

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downloading from garrysmod is getting hard and slow, man :confused:

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download failed again, i’ll google the map to see if it’s on a better server in the internet

Did it go down?

Absolutely excellent server. It actually got me back some hope in Serious RP, and that’s something for someone who has avoided basically all of it for 6 months.

This server is A+, I’d just like to approve of it and reccomend it to anyone who’s feeling down in terms of hope of GMod RP.

There is an event today.
Instead of telling the story of it, we will explain it during the event.
Name of the event is “Trapped” and it is extremely horror themed.
You need to download this map:

Alright, I’ll join up soon.

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Is the server down…? My pings aren’t returning either.

It will be passworded for a while.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. It’s much appreciated.
I hope to see you all during the event today, it’ll be a lot of fun.

Also, I decided to remove the mutant thing from the backstory. Both me and Anderson agreed on that it didn’t really fit in.