Exosounds V2 - Now with VGUI

New version 2.02(fixed client side download bug):



Remember the old times on CS1.6 servers: You type for example cornholio and - what happens? - you hear the voice of the great Cornholio! This nice plugin will bring you to the next level of playing these small sounds:

  • Automatic sound detection in the exosounds folder
  • Easy to use system to play sounds via control panel or chat
  • Much easier sound integration system
  • Clientside and Serverside functions to stop one or even all sounds
  • Time interval controlled system, so people can’t spam
  • Ban players from Exosounds through the config file
  • Allow players to play sounds or not (admin only)
  • Define admin sounds which can be played by admins only
  • Automated sound download system for clients


  1. The script is serverside!
  2. If you’re going to create your own sounds, please keep them as small as you can or people will try to join till x-mas.

Have Fun!

Thanks to:
Jiggles (snake138)



Very nice work isn’t it. King’d :D.

I tried the old version with the new Gmod, didn’t work and I was just thinking if there was gonna be a new one when this showed up.

Lua king’d!

Loved the old version, good job adding the VGUI. Looks nice. :smiley:

Benny Hill? :q:

Good job on the v2.

I’ve added this to my server and set it to Admin Only in the Config, yet it’s telling me that I can’t use them. Even though I’m Admin.

Wow this is really cool much better than the sound emmiter tool!

Could you tell me what type of server you are hosting?

For me the VGUI sound list is empty.

Put some sound files in the “sounds” folder and see if it works.


Ok I just found my failure. Please wait till I’ve got the new version up.

Are you sure you have the files in the correct sound folder? They need to be in addons/ExosoundsV2/sound, not the sound folder in garrysmod/garrysmod.

If they are in there, are they .mp3 or .wav format? The Source engine can only read those two sound file types.

Try to restart the server. This problem is caused by synchronization not being very adjusted or, to keep it short, users joining faster than the server could mention it.

Another problem could be the the restriction of usermessages, which are a very important thing in the script.

Thanks for the new version, I’ll give it a run in a bit.

I can’t get the admin menu to show up.

Can you describe your problem? It’s hard to fix something without knowing what’s wrong.

Under utilities there is no admin menu.

I never made an admin menu. It’s just a button (see picture).

Yea it’s not there.