"Expanding the empire" machines tear their way into the rainforest

Yeah, got into it again.

Always loved your tf2 stuff. and I really love this concept.

Have a winner


pretty inspiring stuff

Where did you get the vehicles?

I just…
I just love it :v:

Found me another background to put up.

Nice work man.

The shirtless engi makes me giggle from some reason


You need the SVN extractor.

Is-Is that a battlewagon… used… By… Humans…?


Takes anti-death pill

I don’t like the color scheme, but the editing and posing is great. still can’t abide by the battlewagon

It’s all about the imagination, all the models are out of context and used in my own fantasy world.
Can’t chew it, that’s tough luck.

Nice pose, i personally don’t like how the soldier to the left in the picture is a bit blurred out.

Greenskin technology :v: lol jk

Really fucking cool, have an Arty.

It looks really good!

And it feels good having my boyfriend dry humping me this very second.

Thanks for the information…?

Care to join in? There might be no tomorrow since they’re tearing down the rainforest!


Make way for progress.

Stupid nature.

Damn nice picture.

Where are the blue people.

In the blue houses.