Expansion Ideas

Just started, bear with me if i am mentioning something that already exists:

Fishing, A pool of frothing water might mean fish, harvest from the edge of the water or perhaps a boat - therefore need to be able to build boats. boats can also be used as a campsite.

Add Oil , to be harvested with a ‘something like a drill’, and stored in an oil drum. Oil powers generators, generators provide electricity, electricity powers lights, and maybe electric fences - sure it will attract raiders, but thats what the electrically powered auto turrets (with limited ammo) are for right?

As long as every build is defeatable it would be a good outcome.

I would love to see gas-powered items and electricity. Especially lights, which I’m confident will be added to the game since there are flashlight mods on guns.

Turret idea seems dumb.

i can see this type of thing snowballing very fast for certain people to where they cant be contested

I think if electricity/gas powered things are confined to stuff like lights and electric fences it would be okay, turrets seem a bit much, imo

yeah turret is probably taking it a bit far, i like the idea of camping on boats though

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pedal boats :slight_smile: and pedal cars… or maybe pedal gatlings. go people power