Expected specs

Hi! I am just wondering, does anyone have any idea of the expected minimum specs, as my pc is kinda bad running an intel core i5 4500u at 1.9Ghz, and Integrated graphics, so i am worried i cannot s&box, or do you think i could if i pulled down the graphics, i can run gmod in 1600x900 with HDR but low models, textures and shadows/shaders at roughly 20 fps so i am unsure

I would take Half-Life: Alyx minimum specs and see how they compare.
Since S&Box is still in development the precise specs aren’t available yet. Some gamemodes may require more high-end PCs then others, I would assume.


That sounds bad, if you already have problems with gmod in nearly unplayable 20Fps in a game that is 15 years old, I think you will get even less fps. If you could get infos about half-life alyx you could be more sure about the performance, but as I would say that less than 10 Fps is totally unplayable (but I already hate less than 30 on a switch) you cant play it.

I dont know why it shouldnt run, but it will be laggy as hell and maybe you are already in the zone where it crashes.


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If it runs gmod at 20 fps then it will run s&box less. I would suggest getting a gpu atleast a gtx 1050ti or rx 560.

Do you mean i7 4500u? That’s a laptop CPU, right?

Ok since you play on a laptop I’d recommend you to get external GPU docks to boost your fps.

If you can’t upgrade your hardware at least by getting more RAM you should consider playing with low resolutions like 1024×768 or 800x600

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a very good ryzen pc build is only around $900 USD, you have 1 core running at 1.9ghz

a low end CPU today has a minimum of 8 cores at 3.0 thats a core total of 24 and you have a score of 1.9/24 basically thats how deep the poo is for you, it took me a while to save but it’s so worth it!

:poop: its time to hustle!

yeowch HL:A requires some pretty newish parts

For a game that’s effectively a platform for running other games, it’s hard to say. Developers might build something super-minimalistic that a potato can run, or they might build an unoptimized turd. I’d expect the average requirements of non-VR games to be less than HL:A, because VR generally requires a higher level of fidelity.

Here’s a quick and dirty comparison, running both games in sandbox on flatgrass. This is not a very rigorous or scientific comparison (besides the fact I have a bunch of random junk installed on Gmod, and sbox is running in tools mode), so you should take it with a HUGE grain of salt.

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Lowering resolutions was planned, but isnt 12 GB enough? Personally i feel like 12 gb is close to both 8 and 12 gb, wich seems to be what you get in gaming laptops, so idk… And i feel like that sentence i just wrote makes even less sense than anything i have written before…

Small addition: I will prob be focusing on the development, so i just have to worry about my own bad code…

The game’s requirements will most likely going to be a lot less then hl:a as it is a vr game and s&box isn’t