'Expedition' + 'Guadalcanal' (And bonuses)



And bonuses!




I’ve posted a few of these pics in the ‘Want To Post A Picture But Don’t Want To Make A Thread’ thread for my girlfriend, and decided to go ahead and give them their own thread.

***Criticism is requested and welcome.***

Infab, get back in the kitchen and make your girlfriend a sandwich for she deserves it.

These are good. How do you do the water?

The way she put it: “Photoshop and images from Google.”

Can you tell me your photoshop method? for example bloom, color filter etc…
that screenshots looks amazing

Your work is fantastic. My only criticism is that P-51’s weren’t really used in the Pacific until late in the war, unless you count China.

Only real critique I’ve got is that the exposure is just a liiitttle off on some of these, most notably “USS Des Moines: Night Battle,” where the cannon explosions should be bright as FUCK (seeing as the rest of the shot is exposed for a night lighting). But that’s just being nit-picky as hell, these are beautiful and I’m jealous of that water, especially on the first and fourth pictures.

all the water and smoke effects in the night shot are too bright

the sunset shot is probably my fav

Love the first one, the sense of motion is incredible.

Cleveland one is my fav, bloody awesome work overall.