Experiemntal feels out of proportion.

It’s weird, the experimental feels too thin, like the doors arent wide enough, like the chara is squished and moving too quickly, running with the rock looks like he’s running with a bowl of water that he’s trying to purposely shake the water out of… the dimensions just feel totally different to the original, the new one feels like the same as minecraft where you almost have to build two paths for it to feel normal.

I like you, you’re a good troll.

I agree. I think the main problem is the Character is to small. For example, when I build a railing, I can’t look down over it. You should be able to see whats directly below your balcony :slight_smile:

right, I agree too. New Rust is garbage. You can change your walls color by hitting them with your hammer, what kind of bullshit is that? This is not your fancy house making simulator, it’s a survival. The new wall colors also look like shit anyways. This ‘new Rust’ is just an unrealistic bullshit.


A lean forward type function could be added so that you can see over a rail and still shoot. Right now you can see over a rail by switching to 3rd person(F3) but then obviously you can’t aim.

Wall color is just a place holder until the models are made for them. After all, it is very well known this game is an alpha with early access.

I don’t care what the fuck they are. They are wall paints and they look disgusting, even if they make them look better and repcale the placeholder with a bit more detailed textures, colorful paint on wood will look disgusting and unrealistic no matter what. You’re purpose of making a house is to survive from outsiders and storage, not to make it look fancy like minecraft. Pointless. As I said, this is not your fancy wall painting simulator.

I thought I saw screenshots of the new textured walls?

Someone has never heard of programmer art.

Besides, welcome to yesterday.

Thankyou, I was just looking for that very image :smiley:

Still looks like shit.

Does your game look better?

Whether or not his game looks better or not does not change the fact that it looks shit. The legacy walls look better than this. I know it is a placeholder but the clunky and big logs look they are going with looks shit.

If they can even make it resemble something like thisI would be impressed. But the proportions and all is very off atm.

I like rust, theres only about 6 games Ive played more than the original, but havent really played the new version much other than a few mins every so often to find out how its doing as atm I dont think it’s in any way comparable to the original which as its still in dev isnt exactly a problem but the current version just doesnt feel ‘right’.

Create a 1x1 in the original and in the reboot - in theoriginal the player model ‘feels’ like the proportion is right, the movement is balanced to the terrain and the doors and contruction elements feel in proportion to the player.

Now the reboot, the foundations are not big enough (which is a side issue if a 1x1 is an outdated concept and all bases need to be 4x4+ etc) but the doors feel out, like youre having to fit through something that really should be twice the width.

The player model also feels and sounds wrong. The pacing of the sound is too fast, the player feels like its been sped up looking at the shadow looks like its limbs are moving too quickly and as mentioned, running with the rock just looks stupid which quite probably contributes to the too fast feel.

Also, unrelated, the vertical selection of inven items is absolutely awful, is there no way to just move the whole stack without having to click at the top of the box and then either get 0 or all-1 of them?

What a cool guy. He said it all for me, thanks bruh.

very constructive…

honestly, the importance of how the different levels of building components look is such a low priority compared to balancing the system so it works well in gameplay. seems pretty silly to be getting so irritated by the current conceptual wall skins.

I also dont like the “Much wood and Stuff” System
i would like to see the “small cost” back

carrying 100000 wood makes me feel stupid

That’s right, this game’s name should be Wall Painting Simulator 2014.

Sleepingbags are Kinda too small it looks like a little pillow