Experience Addon/Mod?

Greetings all facepunchers :slight_smile:

As the title say in this thread, I am looking for a mod or addon with experience/level up system in it. It does not have to be advanced, it is great if anyone here could tell me where I could get that. I made several attempts writing such a mod myself but it was too difficult for me. I looked at lots of places on the internet, but there was no experience addons like that at all. Not even on Garrysmod.org.

Edit: I have a Fretta server. Does that gamemode override or deny some addons?

Can anyone give me any tips or links for such a mod? That would be great. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Take a look at entoros’ .

I would recommend Zoey’s experience mod. Its promised not to be broken/outdated!

Yeah, take a look there. Mine’s broken. I have a much better in the works that I’ll release at a later date.

I have now tried both Entoros and Zoeys experience mod, despite my best efforts they don’t work for me no matter what I do. I tried everything. My friend does not download anything new off the server and the HUD does not appear. Can it be that Fretta override the addons?

For my addon: it’s partially broken and the HUD only appears when you shoot someone. Right now it’s only set up to work with NPC. At the top of the lua/autorun/server/exp_data.lua, you need to change EXP_USENPC to 0. Also, when I wrote this I had never heard of an info.txt, so you need to directly copypaste the files into your garrysmod directory.

Diddn’t work, it messed up the gamemode though so I have to remove the files again for it to work. Got error spams.