Experience w/ Age: Making survival more rewarding

This is independent of [but inspired by] the current XP system in the dev. branch.

How would you folks feel about experience gained w/ a character’s age? This experience, and its associated benefits, would reset when the character died. There’s no farming involved—just staying alive. I don’t have any proposals as to what benefits one could get (they could range between some passive buffs to a whole tech-tree), but here are a couple of what I think would be interesting gameplay implications:

  • Survival (in a survival game!) actually becomes rewarding and valuable
  • The player of an old character might think twice before readily embracing death because it might be more convenient, or charging into battle w/o reservations
  • Solo-players, often focused more on surviving than waging war, would naturally get a buff; one which doesn’t specifically target solo players as opposed to groups/clans
  • Long beards may play an amusing mechanic by indicating a person in a group is more of a threat than those w/ shorter beards (the implication here is the obvious necessity of a beard which gets longer with age)

I ask that, when considering this idea, please don’t just throw out possible ways to exploit it—but first answer the question “Is this type of idea one that will have a net benefit effect on gameplay?” (that is, some thought/discussion on the general idea). Granted, there may be enough unsolvable exploits that there’s a negative effect, but I don’t think this is the case. Just to throw what might be a common thought: AFK farming could be countered by an idle-sensor or something like this (which many games currently implement).

i agree that the current dynamic is “death is cheap” and some kind of benefit from actual survival would be awesome. not sure how to do it without inspiring the same KOS mentality as before, but i’m certainly an advocate for the concept.

I like it. You’d definitely need an idle timeout like you say and the whole crafting system should be reworked away from afk crafting. With those in place, yea its a great idea. Even your sleeper should age.

He’s an idea, something that bounced around a while ago, introduce a disease system where you are more likely to contract something the longer you were in contact with increasingly larger groups of players (as well as other factors). It didn’t have much value before, but the two systems would work well together and can help balance the group vs solo argument

I would like to see an somehing like this:

Im farming a lot of Wood and as buff ill start to have a better grain then someone who is not farming as much as i do, Lets say that “buff” has a hardcap on 50 wood per chop, If i die it will reset to 25 wood per chop.

This would change the mindset of people a lot in my oppinion.

Cuz right now most people play on maximum Sucess.

I have problems with it because, you’re expected to die. 100%, without fail, you’re expected to die once during a raid. thats why you bring multiple bags to a raid. So you’re just saying to yourself when you want to raid, Time to throw away our benefits! and also, the problem with AFK crafting obviously as stated above. Btw, I don’t wanna hear any of you saying “O, I never die in my offline raids, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Yeah but right now one cares about dieng in anyway, one of my mates told me this yesterday when i asked him why he is always farming naked.

“If i die i only loose the hatchet and the stuff i farmed” if you would put my method on it he would go out with a weapon clothing and meds to farm and of course grinding would also change people would tend more to farm together then alone since dieng gets punished.

Youre right people die a lot in rust, but dieng right now is just far to random, some people suicide so they dont have eat, or heal up to 50 again. But dieng should have its downsides besides losing stuff.

There is already a mod for a farming boost that resets when you die.

Thanks for telling but im really not into the modded section of this game, i hope that something will change that yolo mindset, people dont care about their life in a survival game which buggs me a lot.

If you add mods to vanilla, is it still vanilla?

Won’t make a difference, people who aren’t into farming are not going to suddenly do it because of levels. It just means those that are farming will have more loot when you kill them, and they loose their lvl’s too, extra salty.

I like the idea of rewarding characters who farm a lot by making their farm progressively faster, but I hate the idea of taking that bonus away. I’m not a big fan of this idea because:

  1. Too many deaths happen when you have no control over the situation - raids. whether you are online or offline, chances are you will die at least once. However, this idea will make offline raids even more profitable because you can slow down your neighbor’s progression without risking your own.

  2. Currently a popular farming strategy is to farm naked in 5-10 minute runs and return home frequently enough not to loose too much. With your proposal, each farming run you could risk more than just the resources, but also farming efficiency, making quarries and tower camping much more attractive.

  3. If i see someone who hasn’t noticed me yet, I would have one less reason to go talk to them. If I am farming naked and have 5 minutes worth of resources on me, I might as well go say hi, and hopefully meet a friendly neighbor. KOS or running away would be almost a must to keep my farming bonus under your proposal.

  4. What’s to stop me from going AFK for a few hours to gain said bonus while just standing around doing nothing, or have a laptop running nearby with a second account reserved just for farming. Increased server load with no benefit to other players.

TLDR: I don’t like because this encourages offline raiding, tower camping and KOS (less face-to-face interaction with other players).

I didn’t mean specifically farming bonuses (though that is certainly a possibility). There could be speed, health, or damage bonuses. There could be bonuses that let you blend a little better with the environment, or you could get a couple of inventory slots by storing items in your beard. Maybe bonuses where animals don’t run away from you. Your guns could use less ammunition or you could have a beard. Also, you could have a beard. Maybe, when the harsh biomes come back (they better come back :frown:), older characters will be more resistant to the elements. Maybe (plot twist) you could move slower but are more damage resistant.

There’s a pretty wide range of possibilities—I don’t think we have to limit things to farming. The point, primarily, is to make survival worth it outside of just “I’m carrying a bunch of resources, so I don’t want to die!”

I would prefer cosmetic changes like the beard or scars from past encounters, but not temporary boosts to game mechanics of any kind. Death is punishing enough as it is. Right now we can mitigate it by re-spawning strategicaly, minimizing number of items lost, and spreading loot across multiple stashes.

How would I mitigate loss of longevity bonuses outside of not dying? During the first few hours of a wipe, the people who managed to avoid death though KOS or by staying outside of busy areas will get a boost to efficiency, and people who were careless and die more than once not only start again naked, but are now at a disadvantage. I get that the bonuses recover over time, but this change would encourage slow and antisocial play-styles.

To answer your question, you wouldn’t mitigate the loss of bonuses outside of not dying, but that’s precisely the point. As it is now, death is a minor inconvenience, and only really threatens you from other players, and is only really a risk if you act negligently. I’d like to change this, whether it be by making survival intrinsically rewarding or making the threat of death more severe. This is an attempt at the former.

I think there are several mutually exclusive ideas in your comment, but I’m going to refrain from explicit debate for now (but lo, dear SuperNoob, I don’t want to).

Its true that players actually die to gain an advantage or profit (like in some raiding situations) (spawning from bag to bag at monuments ) which just as to be wrong why should you gain from dieing maybe their should be a penalty where it as to be really worth it