Experience with abusing Admins

At first, I dont think i should post the Servername here - I dont want to get banned on forums.

Me and my best friend Meward joined a German Rust Server and talked at first with the admin,
to get sure if hes an abusing one or not. He said most of the players are friendly and Meward
and me shouldn’d raid the newcomers. So it sounded well and we started playing. We did not build
an unraidable base, cuz thats kinda cheap and destroys the game in our honest opinion.
Instead we built a neat 3x3x3 base with a pillar in the middle instead of a wooden stair.

After a few hours we got raided by 2 veterans of the server and they yelled and called us bad
names in voice. We were just laughing our ass off and shot them into stoneage. 30 minutes they came
with 4 other people back and … yeah you know. We had to do what we had to. We shot all of them again.
It was weird, that they seemed to have infinite C4, Guns and gear but we thought … after a certain time
you have all that stuff. We asked the admin why we shouldn’t raid newcomers when we already as newcomers get
raided all the time. Another 20 minutes later later they came it 2 additional robbers so they counted 8 … agains us.

We couldnt believe how bad they play… 8 vs 2 raiding a 3x3x3 base, yeah they sucked monkeyballs.
So yeah… one of them had been the admin and he banned us for hacking. End of story.

This is NOT a whining thread! Its just to tell you about my experience with some servers…
We had joined a server where admins raided player bases in godmode and (almost) invisibility.
Is there somewhere in this forum a list where i can note down admin abusive servers
and did some of you achieved similar experiences with servers and admins? Please leave your comment here.

It happens and there is not much you can do about it except, What I did, go so sick of being banned for Whooping Admin Ass and being chased by Uber Arrows!! I got my own server. No Spawning Shheeit (Sometimes we may give a noob if they are struggling something to help out to get started) But nothing else just a good clean fun server! With Good people and Bad alike!
I hate to be the one who Advertises on forums for a server but I got ours for the same reason you are talking about.
Anyway We are [US NY] Rusty Pilgrims it’s a 100 slot server
if you want to check us out Press F1 to get to console and type this
" net.connect

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Many people have been there including me and my group, that’s why we made our own server! Join us at Rust-Life.com!