Experience with Nitrous-Networks and new GSP

My experience with Nitrous - Networks .
After payment of the fee and you have read the terms and conditions , even though I promised 20 minutes of waiting several hours . This situation could happen.
But this morning I saw the server status as unknown .
I sent a request to review the situation.

today i was payed for a next month and server status is still unknown.
i cant join to admin area and i cant login to server

After sending an additional 3 ( after 4hours ) applications written off following me

Hi ,

Please do not open multiple tickets with the same message .

We are looking into this issue now and should have it resolved shortly .

Best Regards ,
Harry Beasant
E : harry@nitrous-networks.co.uk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/nitrousnetworks
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/NitrousNetworks**

After this experience ( long time ago I also had problems with server stability I also waited several hours in to resolve the situation ) from leaving because of the service provider on the basis of samples or reactions to other requirements I still do not know the answer at the regular time .

The question arises , what provider I now recommend?

Thank you.

I dont have problems with nitrous networks

Yeah I’d like to know to

PlayRust is just utterly bad, unprofessional, rather-would-stop-playing-rust-then-ever-go-back-to-them-badness.

HFB is okay like the control panel is good, server is okay too but it stills have various times of laggs like just today where I get like 3 seconds of rubberbanding every 30 minutes and the support is kinda “long” you could also say the waittime is an eternity.

I don’t want to go to Multiplay because those don’t let me config my own plugins

and the last one I thought about was maybe Nitrous but so far I heard no exp. about them so I feel kinda uncertain.

Actually I’d like to go to FPServers but they don’t offer EU sadly

DeinServerHost doesn’t even count I mean it takes them like 5 days to setup your server? Rubberbanding and stuff like PlayRust.

So basicly no Server provider is “great” I guess so at least couldn’t prove me wrong yet.