Experience (XP) System may require experience to unlock blueprints. What do you guys think?

I’ve just learned that in the—perhaps distant—future, there will be an XP system (I know it’s a very early mechanic; I may be misinformed, correct me if I’m wrong).

Two of the things that I really like about the current blueprint system are being able to find blueprints in such a way that the hierarchical progression isn’t linear (if I want to start fresh and go straight for BP libraries, it isn’t that difficult), and the randomness of finding blueprints (they’re wonderful treasures that hugely affect what I can do in-game).

Being a solo. player w/o hundreds of hours, I may have a totally different opinion of things—but I see no positives to making BP progression like World of Warcraft talent trees. In fact, I see a lot of… really bad negatives (both for the game and me personally). Although I’m not a super-hardcore player, I’ve had Rust since Legacy, and have really liked the changes this “new” Rust has brought about. This one… I’m feeling pretty queasy about.

(I’d want an experience system that reset upon death, and lets you customize your beard, wrinkles, and scars, which grow with time. Also, maybe some stat and/or speed increases. The key part of this, though, would be precisely that this experience resets upon death. On a tangential note, this on-death type of experience system may be the “advantge for solo. players” some people have been looking for—only because it seems that careful solo. players have a much higher life-expectancy than people in groups who wage war w/ other groups [you folks may be able to confirm/deny this; my experience is limited, but I rarely die, and if I do it’s usually negligence]. )

What does everyone here think about it?

“I rarely die”, um okay… You rarely die, last i checked people in Rust die left right and center. If the XP resets upon death 1 of 2 things would happen, no one would walk out of their house or anything beyond a revolver is unheard of.

I like the idea of losing xp upon death, but a total reset is absurd.