Experienced, Competent RP Admin.

Hey all, i took a long break from Gmod, and just have started getting back into it, checking out all the new servers and stuff.

I’m looking for a server that needs an admin, preferably a server with a low population (but not empty)

I used to admin =NYS= RP, and before i admin’d i was good friends with all the admins, and active/respected in the community. NYS also had a CSS server, and a nice website, but all of it was shut down by the owner because of lack of funding.

I’m good at solving problems in a fair way, and not taking sides in arguments. I’m pretty laid back for the most part, and enjoy good RP, I’m not the type of admin to teleport and noclip everywhere for the hell of it. I want to help build up a server, and their community. I enjoy helping out, and i’m on everyday, sometimes nearly all day, other days an hour or two.

I plan on beginning to learn LUA soon, and if that went anywhere, i’d script for the community and server for free.

If anyone’s interested, or would like more info, just reply to this thread or add me on steam.

Thanks for you time :smile:

Steam ID: scipherneo

The problem is that actually no one unless maybe a stupid little 12 y old kid that just started a 8 slots server, might give admin to someone he/she dosent know. You can do so much to hurt a server as a admin, But just check everything you can do as a guest also.

The point is, it’s hard to decide, I can add u but I dont promise you anything.

I will never understand the appeal of being admin in a server… unless you’re there to troll there’s no fun in it, you can’t actually play.

It’s the feeling of helping out the community of the server, and on occasion you do get to play :wink:

It’s not for everyone, but i enjoy it.

Just an idea for you, find a good server and purchase it. GL finding an RP that doesnt already have Alotta admins.

Haha! I wonder, what sort of idiot do you have to be to accept such an application? Even more so to post one.

Bro. Go find a server. Be a guest. Be a thoughtfull and generally helpfull member to the community. And THEN go for it.