EXPERIENCED G-mod player having problems with add-ons

I’ve played G-mod for a good while now and on my laptop I have no problems with add-ons, but I just got a new Desktop PC with Windows 7 on it and my add-ons do NOT show up in the menu even though I have extracted them to the add-on folder. I’ve also tried adding maps and they do not work either. Keep in mind that I do not have enough space on my C:/ Drive and am using my alternate D:/ Drive for Entertainment purposes such as all steam games. Maybe I am missing something crucial but I really just don’t know what to do.

Any help is appreciated.

Are 100% sure you installed them right?

Positive. The TF2 Sweps for example are in my addon folder on my laptop AND my PC but it only works on my laptop.

As long as you have steam, your steam games, and their respective files in your D drive, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Would Uninstalling steam and then reinstalling it ensure that its all in the same spot?


is the info.txt in the SWEPs folder?

The info is in the SWEP’s folder… And I wouldn’t have to reinstall any games right?

Unless you back them up, every.

I found the problem. Thanks for the Help.