Experienced Lua Coder Needed ( $ ) will be payed ( $ )


We are a medium sized community that started about 2 years ago playing different games as a clan, We now want to start our own rp server on gmod. I have payed for a 25 slot server and i coded the gamemode myself. The gamemode is done and works without flaw. The only thing that i can not figure out is how to get players to download custom weapons and items etc from the server. I read up on it and put it all in the .lua with file paths and whatnot but just could not get it to work fully. Things would have load and half download.

So… what i need is someone who i can send the links for the files to download from gmod.org then write the code for me to put into my server for the players to download.

A few extra things that we need and it would be great if you knew how to do it. I have a few custom moneyprinters that i made and i need 2 of them to be set so that only vips can spawn them. also a custom hud would be nice if you can do it. ( space themed hud would be great ) there are a few extra small things that i just cant remember at this time.

I don’t know if any of you know of a map called rp_bahamut developed by a man named lazermaniac. But he is making us a custom version of his map that the server will run. We are fully in to this server and are willing to pay for good work. although i must mention that this is actually not the first post on this site i made. the first one lead me to a man on steam named “Sketch” he scammed us and took the money without giving us his work. So i know allot of people don’t like this, but i am not willing to get scammed again so any work will have to be done before getting the payment. ( however this is negotiable with being payed small ammounts for certain things over time rather than 1 large payment. ) again i am sorry that it has to be this way, im just not willing to lose more money.

You will be payed over paypal. soon as the work is completed and sent to me. ( and it works ) also if you do good work we have plenty more servers planned in the future that i would be willing to hire so that i dont have to do all the coding myself. anyway, add me on steam if you are interested.

Steam name Mitchellpooter


maybe you should spend some of that money on a domain name or an actual website

that website hurts my eyes, no offense.

Please go look in the thread, you will find coders there. Do not post separately it will just get locked.