Experienced Mapper Required (Pays well)

Hi Guys,

Not sure if this is allowed here. Basically I want to hire the best mapper I can for my project. Its simple short term work which pays pretty well. About 1-2 weeks work at a push.

Any portfolio or proof of your work would be great. Dead serious no messing about, no time wasters, I’ve got other mappers hired atm, I just need to speed up production.

I’m Just about to finish a new Gamemode and I don’t have the time to make some maps to go with it. The type of map I’m looking for is very small/simple in terms of dimensions (About the size of the hanger building in gm_construct) ,it will require a lot of detail and creative innovation. (moving physics entities and map elements) and really what ever you want to create.

This job is about taking your experience as a mapper and creating something cool and awesome, based on the guidelines I will provide if you prove to be right for the job.

I need ~2-3 maps made, and I can pay roughly £25-30 depending on time spent on the map and how creative it is.

I’m not providing many details about the maps I want made as I honestly don’t want to play 20 questions with 50 people.

Once I’ve got the man for the job I’ll give him the job spec.

I just need a dedicated mapper who can get the job done.



(Payments via paypal and will be made once the maps are complete)

If you don’t provide details you won’t get people interested. not to mention people won’t blindly jump into work they know nothing about.

How do I know you aren’t going to take the maps and run without paying me?

Like Stiffy and gnampf pointed out, lack of details for the project would barely get anyone interested, the whole payment after the map is done is a turnoff how would X level designer know you wont just run off? your word doesn’t count, and I’m pretty sure you’ll need more than the price range of 25 for two maps.

You dont want to give details about the maps because you dont want people asking questions, yet you’re so vague that people are forced to ask questions about the maps, exactly what you didn’t want?

You don’t give me the map files until you are payed.
You send screenshots and video’s of the map as any professional mapper would do.

Also @Exploders if you read what I said, the maps are tiny, they would take less than a day to create two if you are an experienced mapper. And in the grand scheme of things, £25 is what most people working in Tesco earn in a day ;v

I don’t give huge details on what I want done as I don’t want to disclose my whole project or part of it before its release. Also I want someone who is interested enough to ask about it on a one to one level, not shit post and ask 50 questions.

Don’t like it, don’t do it. Don’t get paid. Simple as, I have no time to play 50 questions on a forums as I stated.

So why should we use our free time making maps for you just to get paid, as you said, the amount we’d get paid in a day doing actual work?

Some people on the internet don’t have a job and need cash ;v

Also stop shit posting, if you’re not interested in the work then don’t bother posting.

£25-30 per hour right?

You’re not going to get any people going with that attitude, if you had any to begin with. It’s all in how you initially introduce yourself and the project you need the level designers for.

Your 50 questions game can easily be answered by putting the necessary information and answers in the original post. What happens when someone gets interested they ask you the 50 questions? and you give them the answers and they end up unsatisfied and leave? you’re still gonna do that with the next person.

I could work at a supermarket for 4 hours and earn ~$48 dollars or I could spend two days making a good map for $25 for a person who doesn’t even want to give the slightest detail about the project.

The technical ability and artistic talent required to make a map is far greater than working at Tesco; you might be able to find somebody willing to work for that little, but you get what you pay for.

Who gives a fuck if you “disclose the whole project or part of it before its release”? You’re not making a triple-A game or whatever, you’re being really fucking vague. How do we know we want to work with you if the only things you’re going to say is I DON’T WANT TO PLAY 20 QUESTIONS WITH 50 PEOPLE. Don’t bullshit us with that and make something up and give us some details to get hooked and pumped on this, instead of being all vauge and hush-hush and looking like nothing more than an idea guy who wants to get credit for other people’s work. Also your OP says that you have other mappers hired, why not just ask them instead of being vague and looking like an ass?

>Don’t like it, don’t do it. Don’t get paid.

25 bucks for a week or two worth of work is bullshit. Either figure out how money works or go get toxic shock syndrome, especially with that attitude.

Someone pass the salt to Father Jack please.

I don’t have to answer myself to some butt hurt bill. If you are interested, say your interested and give me a PM.

Its also not a solid 1-2 weeks work fyi, thats calculated on the fact that you would work on the mapping for me in your spare time for about an hour a day at a push.

Again though, if you’re not interested stop crying and making yourself look like a child.

I have to say, you’re really advertising the position well here.

Quite the master of persuasion I’d say.

Mmm, I bet those “mappers” you’ve got hired really love working for you with that personality and persuasion tac.

Yep, they’re enjoying it and I’m happy with the relates so far.

But less about this childish nonsense.

To anyone else interested. Give me a pm and I can give you proper details.

I might be interested but I kinda need to see some evidence of your work too. I just can’t be sure you’re reliable, and your attitude and weird levels of secrecy here isn’t doing you any favours, even if it’s just a brief synopsis of what your gamemode is about.

In the amount of words you’ve used to insult the people who might have worked for you, you could have explained what you actually need.

Sure I’ll tell you about it.

My game mode is an adaptation of JetBooms Zombie Survival game mode.

I’m working for Mr.GreenGaming and we were the first community bar noxiousnet to run zombie survival, we have been running on the ZS 1.0 base for just under 8 years. But after general code standards lowered and it became un-maintainable after 4 generations of coders, we decided to update to the latest 3.0 base.

We are pushing for a May release.

This job is to provide maps for a sub game mode called ‘arena mode’.

This entails the humans standing generally in some form of pit with a load of over powered guns as zombies fall from the skies.

These arena maps can be of any design, generally traps or an entity spazzing around the map which can kill the humans as well makes for awesome fun.

The maps are tiny as they are a pit. But the logic of creating something interesting in a small space which allows for running, and generally seeing something different entails some thought time. The creation time really shouldn’t take more than a day unless you’ve got some crazy ass plan.

Didn’t really want to post this here as I dislike talking about my communities projects on different forums.

But what the hell you seem to be the most sensible person here so far.