Experienced modelers and Source SDK users needed

Quote: Corra_Ashu “it would be nice to have someone compile the models so i can work on more while he’s doing that cause it’s not gonna be hard coding them in gmod”

We need someone to compile models for our halo content pack coming soon.

If you can help then Pm me asap and we’ll get things figured out.


P.S.: Everyone who contributes gets credit. I will be coding everything in Lua. We just need the models in Garry’s mod and compiled. Thanks!

yea it would be good to have a compiler cause atm i don’t have the space to install the SDK, so if anyone wants to help with that also would be nice

Do you have all of the right files (.qc, the .smds)

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if so I can do it

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i can make the .qc if you don’t have it

Corra is the Team’s modeler. He’s away right now. But when he gets back I’ll let you know.

Okay we don’t have .qc (Quote: i really wasn’t good at making qc files i always had my friend acepilot make them when we was working on halo stuff awhile back

We have smds though. Add me on steam “[PFG-Co] AntiSaint” Or “1shadow1105” Then we’ll get you in a chat room with everyone and well get everything situated.