eXperim3nt (Experiment III) BETA server.

You can join the server using this IP:

You can get the server content before hand by downloading:

(Or you can get it from Fast DL).


I’m going to check this out tommorow, it looks great.

Cool, but the name turns me off a little.

Looks like a huge improvement over Experiment 1. Probably won’t check it out though.

Looks interesting, not like most of the other failed roleplay scripts. I’ll check it out after I finish downloading the content.

Sounds cool. What it is about? I mean is there a storyline?

No there’s no storyline, I mean, it is barely even roleplay to be honest. If you’ve ever played the first Experiment though, you’ll know how unbelievably fun and addictive it is; now you get that again, in updated format.

Just added more augments and victories.

Are you ever gonna give up? Just wondering you change you community’s name and your name way to often. Not trying to hate.

Good luck, will have to come by some time.

Cloud Sixteen isn’t your average roleplaying community, read into it.

Great Server Just need the codex printers to not be highlighted in purple because we are already equipped with a flashlight.
Edit there is also a bug with the snakeskin victory people get it randomly.

Serious roleplaying gamemodes are better if they include storylines.

Oh, it isn’t serious John Fisher. It’s more of a ‘go on it and have fun’. I’d call this gamemode more of an RPG, to be honest. But it’s real tight man, have a go.

Pretty cool, I sorta like the STALKER headbob but it could be a little better.

the head-bob is a bit to exaggerated but its okay i guess just have to change the setting every time i join…

The setting saves for most people, bro.


Yet another rename, kuro?

In the first experiment I was frustrated when my broadcasters got destroyed and raided.


He’s had kuropixel for a while now, Diss.