Experimental - A compass, Fog of war style mapping system, or something to help us explore/find our way?

With this massive randomly generated world stuff going on it seems like its more difficult for players to find each other, learn the world layout, etc. Seems like it would be useful to be able to craft & share small area maps or maybe even have an in-game world map that you have to explore to reveal maybe like a fog-of-war kind of thing like the RTS games have? I realize many players are so diehard they’ll practically shun this idea but if someone spawned in a world they’ve never been in, a randomly generated world different from the others so there’s no maps to look up, nobody knows what direction they are even looking or where they are at, how do we help them find their friends/etc? Even if they only see a single clear spot on a square black map, or if they at least know which direction they are looking, there’s some hope that we could at least tell them which direction to go. Just a thought. I mean, we can make lasers, flashlights, m4’s. We can blueprint any item we want to research, construct a building, but we can’t make a compass or a map? Seems like something worth considering.

I don’t really want the map you’re suggesting, as it’s too easy to travel around then. Someone else posted a really cool map idea some time ago though, where you have to draw and label your own map, and you can take pictures of landmarks to put on your map.

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Actually a compass might be nice

You have a compass…it’s called the sun.

Didnt they fuck that up at some point? Like change where the sun rises & sets?

You’re in an unknown world trying to survive…
Doesn’t it make sense that you don’t instantly know the landscape super well?

It takes time for everyone to learn the map and if you really wanted to you could pull up a map on your phone or something. (At least for the old branch)

The sun (and moon) is a compass, use it to help find your way around. Take note of which direction you’re heading off in rather than just running around randomly. People have been spoiled with minimaps and radar… I think it’s good that it’s a serious challenge to learn the map.

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The island rotated. If you use the old maps then the sun rises in the south and sets in the north but that’s too confusing for me to remember so I just rotate the map 90 degrees.

It’s not going to matter when the experimental branch finishes, with all the procedurally generated maps.

Read OP

Find your way around, you’ll learn the map on your server soon enough. Enjoy the beginning when it’s an adventure. Try to keep campsites with your friends and gather up, there should be no guarantee you just find them automatically or don’t get murdered on the way. Groups using third-party voice software already have a huge advantage that I’d rather they didn’t, making things even easier for them is a hard sell.

I suppose it does add to the sense of adventure. But I’d still at least like to see a compass. If not the maps, at least let us have that much.

I did… thanks.

But the OP kind of jumps around. He says it makes sense that the world is unknown to us as players (which I reiterated and agree with) but then goes on to say that there should be tools that make it easier (which I disagree with, especially since there’s already a compass built into the sky).

I’m not sure what you think I didn’t read.

be nice if you could easily build a primitive flare. I’d be a quick way to find your friends. my only fear is that we will spend 2 hrs trying to find each other, and have some friends in our group give up because they keep getting killed off

If someone in your group gets frustrated from dying before they even start building and defending and raiding then it might be a blessing in disguise.

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

You may wish to read Garry’s blog about the future of Rust and the devs’ vision. It may be instructive in helping you understand what’s missing because it isn’t finished versus what’s missing because it won’t be added.

OP is talking about how difficult it would be to find friends in a randomly generated world and you tell him that it takes time to learn the map or to pull up the map on a phone

finding friends is a problem because you don’t know the scale, terrain, or locations that all of you can meet at. learning the “map”, procedural or not takes time. it would be hard because we can’t just say “meet me at small rad”, now we have to say things like “do you know where that really tall mountain is?” or “meet me on the coast closest to the sunrise”. i like the idea of a compass, but Seiver’s comments seem perfectly sensible in response to the op’s post to me:)

also, would like to see the sun move east to west again lol:)

I don’t really like the map idea, but I have always wanted a compass, and for the sun/moon cycle to changed to normal.

They’ve suggested procedural generated landmarks, so random towns or something to that affect would be found.

The sun and moon, as well as use of shadows, should be enough for the average player to determine direction. It’s likely a compass of some sort will appear in Rust down the line, whether it’s something looted or something crafted using simple parts. It would really only become necessary if storms or cloudy days were introduced as part of a dynamic weather system.

Starting new on a procedurally generated map is supposed to be difficult. You should get lost, explore, struggle to identify landmarks. Being able to immediately run west to the coordinates you just received via telepathy from your friends defeats the point of new maps. If you or your friends want to make a crude MS Paint map to share that’s perfectly acceptable, but it should never be auto-generated (your avatar is not a cartographer) and I don’t know if adding a sketchpad UI to the game has enough return to justify the investment of coding and time.

As pointed out I believe the sun and terrain based landmarks are sufficient for navigation in the procedural terrain. The element of being ‘lost’ will help to promote more ‘friendly’ random encounters and unexpected teamwork that you would otherwise not find when you run into endless groups of bandits, as experienced in the old branch.

Does it matter if they changed the direction of the sun cycle? If everyone is looking at the same sun cycle, then that cycle is correct regardless of whether it’s “true east/west”

Does anyone care to elaborate on the sun technique? Its easy to just say ‘use the sun’, but what about actually explaing how? Pretend me and a friend are looking for each other. I have no idea where he is, he has no idea where he is, but we have the sun. How do we determine where we are based on the the sun?

And my other thought is, how can we make rocket launchers, lasers, lock picks, machine guns, create entire buildings, our characters even have radiation meters equipped, but we can’t make a simple compass? I’m not saying god should just hand us a map and a compass. But compass’s are way easier to make than a laser/RPGs/explosives/etc. I can understand using the ‘use the sun’ excuse if we were in a primitive game without all the modern weapons/tools/etc. But that’s not the case here. We are in a post modern world finding everything we need to build all kinds of modern stuff. And its not like I’m asking for a GPS. I’m just saying we should at least be allowed to craft a compass.