-Hang Gliders
–Wooden: easily falls apart from impact or bullet damage
–Metal: Sturdy metal frame that can bend on hard impact. Resists bullets.
—Holes can be shot in the cloth of the glider causing it to fall
—Emergency Parachute Attachment goes to the rear of the glider to slow down falling gliders. can also be penetrated by holes.
—Cloth can be thickened at a cost, decreasing its chance to be penetrated.

–Dug-out log (Stage 1 For A Boat If More To Come)

-Parachutes (Bullet Pebetrable also)
-Horse Carriages
-Wild horses to be tamed and are ridable
Work just like the legacy flares, but give off thick red smoke that rise into the sky. Can also be used as a melee weapon when sparked.

-Ghillie Suits
–Green Ghille Suit made from green leaves and grass
–Brown Ghille Suit made from dead leaves and grass
–Fall Ghillie Suit made from differently colored leaves and dead grass
-Prone Position
-Reload Animations That Look Exactly Like The Viewmodel
-Eating Animations
-Can carry entire logs to bust down weak doors or walls
-Can hold and throw any item (Except Non-Solids)
-Ability To Drink From Ponds Complete With Playermodel Animations
-------------------------New Items-------------------------
-Furniture Plan
-Carpet (To be crafted)
-Colorable Flags

AN ALTERNATIVE CRAFTING IDEA: To take crafting to the next level, there could be crafting stations/tables that players can assemble crafted parts on. There would have to be a way to pickup/drag or hold any item in your hand and to place them. Being able to throw an item would be nice. to make a gun for example, the placed parts would combine with each other to create components, or plainly the object aimed to be crafted. Anvils and coal/charcoal forges for metal fragments/armor, etc, for a more realistic crafting experience.
-Dynamic Weather System
–Cloudier Days
–Fall Season
-Make Snow Have Height