Experimental branch cannot launch on macintosh.

Tital says it all.

Could you provide more details? Like an error message, logs, or something?

The OP is right. The Experimental branch currently doesn’t work on Mac.

It used to work ok… but I understand that the new html HUD has somehow messed things up for Mac users.

I’m not encountering any specific error messages. The game boots from Steam to show the main title/menu page, no problem. I select the server (either “My unnamed Rust server” or “Development server”, whichever is available) and click to connect as usual.

The connection process begins, then typically hangs (i.e. pauses) at the point of reaching “Loading HUD”. It then just sits there doing nothing - no errors, no crashes - until I force quit the application.

At least that’s been the experience for me. I’m running an old 2011 iMac with the latest version of OS X Mavericks.

So far, there’s been no word from the devs on this (that I know of), so I have no idea if/when a fix is in the works. Poor show really, but that’s that.