Experimental Branch has new map

Wow just looked on Exp branch to find they have implemented the new map system.

Oh my god stuff is moving Quick now.

found water


Is it an entirely new map?

yes defo i know the old rust map even to the far n/east and there is water :slight_smile:

peecture? I’m stuck at work haha

It’s Andre’s procedural map generator.

i know this is sad but i nearly cried

Me and my rock at night at a campsite.

BrokeBackBrick :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the picture Garry :smiley: That Andre is a damn genius. Awesome work from everyone, stoked to get home and try it out. Keep it up guys :slight_smile:

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For real tho :smiley: that fresh, new feeling, that terror of not knowing where the fuck you are, reborn with every new server joined. So stoked. Naked and afraid all over again.


I’m super looking forward to this… new maps will bring back all of the excitement from just starting out. Can’t wait!

I told you guys to just be patient and that cool shit was going to happen as they got the foundations of the game built. :v:

And here we are. Kudos to the team, garry, I’m stoked about the new developments on the experimental branch.

So I’m sure this has been discussed before but how playable is experimental? Now that it actually has a map in sure it’s closer than it’s ever been but are there resources and mobs yet? I guess I can just wait until after work then give it a try but I’m feeling impatient.

I wish I wasn’t such an idiot and cheated few months ago. I’m still going to buy it and play legit again soon :slight_smile:

Wow this is so nice. I was there but I think the server just crashed. Is it just me or?

@Garry: If you guys have time, could you just repair the “render quality” option in the experimental branch so that i can increase my fps a little? :smiley:

EDIT: Btw, if you guys thought getting chicken from wolfes was weird, wait till you get some wood from a rock ahah.

I found rocks and you can destroy them, but don’t gather anything from them yet, you can hit and kill people with hatchet, place campfire and storage box, jump, run but it’s getting added to everyday and the list is getting too long.

yep i was waiting for a sunrise pic and the server stopped. :frowning: Oh well i got a glimpse of the future :smiley:

Can anybody give this server ip i want test it gosh ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

It’s the only one in “community”.

Damn playing with no sound is so disturbing.

i was able to log in…didn’t do much…but now can’t get back in…using some motion blur looks like…course not sure if that’s in current either :smiley:

there has been a small update to rust and the server is now back up.
looks like a new map. loving procedural maps :slight_smile:

Ok spoke too soon i think someone from facepunch is working on the server it keeps going off.

Their Trello pages are looking mighty fine too. Getting super stoked.

Still can’t get in, even after i updated :/.

EDIT: Just saw your edit.