Experimental Branch - Obscene language and behaviour

The chat needs moderating (at least) with the obscene language and remarks!

I am not talking about swearing etc… I am talking about the extreme racist remarks and such that is going on!

I literally spent 5 minutes in there and OMG the language etc is appalling!

I think the chat should be turned off in all honesty as no-one is going to sit and moderate this!

Is this your first time on the Internet?

… and instantly the first post back is a Troll remark.

Yes the internet is full of everything… but to ALLOW such racist remarks is pretty bad… It doesn’t look good upon anyone to allow such things.

Contrast “allowing” with “being too busy developing the game to babysit people”.

If anyone is dumb enough to say really awful things in front of the devs when they’re online in-game, they can expect punishment, but at the moment this is a fairly low priority problem.

People are going to say hurtful and ridiculous things on the Internet, and threads like yours do nothing but encourage them to annoy and harrass and offend you even more. If I were on the experimental server with rcon powers and people beaked off with racist shit, you bet I’d ban them, but, welp, I’m not, so there’s not much either of us can do about it. And, remember, the more you cry and complain, the more they’re fed.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Besides, the experimental server is liable to catch fire and explode at any moment. If you’re having a bad time on experimental, you shouldn’t be playing it.

Open console then click on the chat icon to disable it

Simple… Turn the chat off!

Thanks ChickenLegGuy!

Seriously? This is actually a concern?

Maybe try transitioning to books or cable TV for entertainment instead of the internet. They tend to be less offensive.

I haven’t messed with the experimental branch, so I didn’t know that function had been carried over. If we had been talking about the stable, “old” branch, I would’ve just given you the instructions to turn chat off instead of going into detail on the pointlessness of complaining.

Good work, ChickenLegGuy.

Racism is not cool but the internet is full of trolls pretending to be racist to get a charge oyt of you. Dont feed them and they will crawl back under the bridge.

It’s too bad 80% of this community is a moron or troll. Filtering the chat is kind of necessary, there’s too much spam.

I thought it summed up the player base rather well when watching what was being said in the ‘Rock is back’ video from the latest devblog, 3 seconds in.