Experimental Branch Sleeper lag

Enough is said here, if you try to join the server while on the Experimental Branch you will get tons of lag or even crash due to the amount of sleepers in that map.

I say we remove the sleepers (If that is even the problem)

Thoughts or questions about this can go below.

You can’t kill then with the current build I’m assuming?

You can, but with sleeper numbers nearly in the 100’s and all that lag and crashing, It is impossible.

You can kill sleepers.

remove sleepers and destroy valuable profiling data?

Well if they want it to be playable then of course! Plus, there is no real data to loose. It is the Exp. Branch.

They don’t want it to be playable, not yet. That’s not the point of the branch right now.

You obviously don’t know what profiling is

He managed to fail to get himself permabanned with a banme thread, this guy.

WhiteDragon, the point of the experimental branch is not your entertainment, and if you can’t test it, that’s valuable feedback, but don’t expect immediate fixes to make you happy. The devs have reasons for what they do, and seeing how the server reacts to various unpleasant situations (like half a metropolis snoozing on the experimental sandbox) is part of that.

Ikr! I hate the crap Moderators and system of Facepunch and I tell them to ban me, they don’t. Weird huh

Anyway, that was long ago.

So you are saying that even though garry said we can have access to it and play in it, just for kicks. That we cant even get it in?

It is un playable by everyone I know, even the Rust youtube channel guys. Don’t you think that is a problem?

Sigh, One thing.

I love Gmod and Rust and this post is gonna get shit on. But you see elix, you post is not what is considered mature in the real world. This goes for Facepunch also.

Facepunch, you know you have an entire community of players that hate the system, yet they love the games. I just wish it were better, safer and you didn’t get banned for posting with emojis in a reply lol.

And postal, (User was banned for this post (“Really dumb thread. This section is for discussing rust only.” - postal))

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^ I mean what is up with that? Ill fix it

(User was banned for this post (“This section is for discussing rust only.” - postal))

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-on second thought, never mind-

let them handle it. i had 10 fps too and then just crashed at some point.

Hello, I have this problem when I downloaded the Experimental branch that comes out of the so-called error “EasyAntiCheat is instaleed correctly” what to do?Cache have checked everything perfectly.

Just to put this out there, all the people who put dumb on my post are gold.

Just because you paid for this does not make you have to like it even though you know it sucks.

Fixed it.